I don't like the new calibrated bonus (in General)

AdminQBGentlemanLoser [{END}] February 21 2008 4:32 PM EST

Its too much. I can understand why it was recalibrated, and for the bonuses to work in their current format, its needed.

But, I feel I'm gaining XP too fast.

There's no feel of building up a character, or moving up ranks. I'm accruing XP at a tremendous rate, and I've got one of the smaller new bonuses.

Can we please consider a rolling bonus that is a lot smaller, but still works even though it's smaller as it will exist throughout a characters lifespan?

I can't think of a single reason that the current bonus format would be a better choice.

QBRanger February 21 2008 4:37 PM EST

Or at least spread it out longer.

The DT's from losing the bonus after a N*B is up may be too much to keep players. CB becomes very boring after the initial 4 month NUB boon is over. Was that ever addressed?

AdminNightStrike February 21 2008 4:43 PM EST


Talion February 21 2008 4:44 PM EST

"CB becomes very boring after the initial 4 month NUB boon is over."

That depends...

For me, CB became exciting after the NUB was over. I couldn't wait to get a full 4 months to build a new character up. Of course, that first NCB experiment failed but that is another story.

QBRanger February 21 2008 4:46 PM EST

Delirium tremens is a severe form of alcohol withdrawal that involves sudden and severe mental or neurological changes.

Obscurans February 21 2008 4:51 PM EST

Lol same here as Talion, I know I screwed my NUB, currently thinking of a strat for my NCB (and gathering the equipment)

smallpau1 - Go Blues [Lower My Fees] February 21 2008 4:52 PM EST

Obscuran, just retrain, and you'll be fine, plenty of time to make that character worth while. Not top 10 worthy, but up there still.

QBRanger February 21 2008 4:53 PM EST


Forgive my cynicism but I have seen plenty a NUB leave soon after his NUB is over.

All the while typing "I am in it for the long haul".

I do hope you stay, kudos if you do.

AdminQBGentlemanLoser [{END}] February 21 2008 4:56 PM EST

Obs, you're only a month into your NUB and the bonus has just been boosted for the remaining three months. ;)

Get your strat sorted to the way you want it, and continue to plug away.

You've not screwed up.

Organ Doughner [Fees Dirt Cheap] February 21 2008 4:57 PM EST

Yea, I've been here for a while. In the beginning, I didn't enjoy CB as I do now :). I barely did anything when my NUB was taking place. Now, I wished that I did something.

Obscurans February 21 2008 4:57 PM EST

I guess, but what I think is I overextended with going 4 minions right at the start... can I take the big MPR hit from firing one?

OK... thread now about strat?

And Ranger... whoops

AdminQBGentlemanLoser [{END}] February 21 2008 4:57 PM EST

Also, with this change, I'm sure gonna be able to power level my Tattoo considering the new high MTL.

Ulord[NK] February 21 2008 5:13 PM EST

That's not a bad thing. Too few big tattoos out there. 2mil + tattoos are almost never on the market.

QBOddBird February 21 2008 5:40 PM EST

Ranger - if it helps any, he's been talking to his mentor and asking questions. One of the better mentees I've ever had. :)

Obscurans February 21 2008 5:43 PM EST

Aww such great support OB... OK basically it's payback time. Turned anti-mage tank team. Back to getting 100% challenge bonus lol.

AdminJonathan February 21 2008 6:03 PM EST

"Rolling bonus" is tipping the scales too far in the "it doesn't matter how hard you work because your bonus will even things out" direction.

Obscurans February 21 2008 6:08 PM EST

How about a logarithmic rolling bonus? Then a big bonus comes only to the very lowest people... NUB sound familiar?

1/4 * log(highest MPR/your MPR) so the 7/20 rut people get about 12-20%

TheHatchetman February 21 2008 6:16 PM EST

I'm for lengthening the N*B and lowering it's percentage...

Less pressure, as less is wasted when ya have a bad day.
More reasonable BA cost during a NCB, and more time to get the money.
Less people kicking the crap out of those who farmed them so efficiently only yesterday.
There are probably many many more, feel free to list them ;)

It'll take even longer than four months to catch the guys that've been around for years...

TheHatchetman February 21 2008 6:21 PM EST

Obscurans, like that, it means you take a few weeks/months off, then come back, and with your same char are able to get near the top in the same amount of time it would've taken you to do it before you quit. Then, the guys that played that whole time have what? a couple extra mil to show for it?

QBOddBird February 21 2008 6:33 PM EST

But Jonathan, the way things are now, it's more like, "It doesn't matter how hard you worked, because the only way you're going to catch up now is to forego your current setup and start a N*B."

I understand what you are saying, but wasn't the idea behind CB2 an 'everyone has a chance' thing? As it is now, your old character is worthless and you've got an 80M saving job to do if you want to put a NCB near the top. Not only that, but in a certain zone *cough* you are fighting with that old character at a negative challenge bonus no matter how good your strategy is...

I guess I just have a different viewpoint, but it's not like the rolling bonus would allow players who don't buy BA to be on top. Granted, with less effort, you'd be closer to the top than as it is now. But you would still have to put out maximum effort to get there...isn't that what the N*B is designed to do, just with a super high BA cost and a 4-month + new character restriction?

AdminQBGentlemanLoser [{END}] February 21 2008 6:35 PM EST

Hatch, but currently, all you'ld have to do is just re start, and get there anyway in 4 months time.

Either everyone, at any time, has the chance to get to the top, regardless of breaks, and how other people have progressed.

Or they don't. And the top spot is unreachable until the top spot stops playing.

Couldn't a rolling bonus be scaled in such a way that equivalent effort still counts, and if you're not putting in as much effort as the top dog, you won't reach them?

Besides, who really cares about the 10 or 9 brackets (or 8...) anymore? It's so easy and quick to get thorugh them...

QBRanger February 21 2008 6:38 PM EST

If the rolling bonus was based on the top VPR, then as long as the top VPR continues to fight all his/her BA, then those below have to use the same effort.

True, one can stop playing for a few months, then come back and get a higher bonus, however they will still have to pass those above them with their bonuses.

If you fight but do not use all your BA, the bonus will help a bit, but you will fall farther behind the top players who use all theirs.

Remember, the bonus I suggested will get you to the 95% of the top MPR on that day. The rest you have to use the ROE and/or find a way to fight higher/more.

Stephen Young February 21 2008 7:02 PM EST

You know, the only way to fix this is to get rid of the new * bonus, then get rid of the reward increase that you get when BA regen goes down, then make the top 5% have an even lower regen rate.

No one rockets to the top, and the top slows to a crawl, but people can still catch them with some effort.

I know, a little off topic, but that's my 2 cents.

Wizard'sFirstRule February 21 2008 7:05 PM EST

I just realized that in 2 weeks my NUB will be off. Then I am off my bonus cold-turkey. D'oh. Jon just gave me a bigger dose of "CB-Enhancer" before I am suppose to get off it.

AdminNightStrike February 21 2008 7:35 PM EST

Just bump the length to a 6 month deal with the bonus reduced accordingly. That'll spread the wealth a little. In time, you can keep the bonus period at some percentage of the total length of CB.
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