All forging payments in one thread- 3/4ths (in Public Record)

three4thsforsaken February 22 2008 2:32 PM EST

Darkwolf{jmh}: 696,963
SerialKiler: 1,485,786

it'll take him about a week [JS]JS: 2,197,873

Painkiller: Paid
Nemod: Paid
Bored: Paid

I've realized I'm starting to clutter the Public record a bit, Admins could you delete the SK thread? Hopefully this will clean up some confusion

so yeah, make all payment records here from now on.

iBananco [Blue Army] February 22 2008 2:35 PM EST

[JS]JS (Felys) three4thsforsaken (The9th) $197873 2:34 PM EST
Remaining 2M should be there soon.

Darkwolf{jmh} February 23 2008 12:48 AM EST

Darkwolf{jmh} (Howwal) three4thsforsaken (The9th) $696963 12:47 AM EST

Payment sent.

three4thsforsaken February 23 2008 3:43 AM EST

Painkiller: Paid
Nemod: Paid
Bored: Paid
Darkwolf{jmh}: Paid
SerialKiler: 1,485,786 I'll give him about a week

Nightstrike: 2,532,049
[JS]JS: 2,197,873
ColonelCustard: Coming Soon!

three4thsforsaken February 23 2008 3:44 AM EST

oops, I meant JSJS is 2 million

three4thsforsaken February 23 2008 5:57 PM EST

Godwolf (Item Management) three4thsforsaken (The9th) $2000000 5:55 PM EST

[JS]JS is payed off by Godwolf's loaning service.

three4thsforsaken February 23 2008 10:38 PM EST

gasp! gave 40k to Nemerizt because of killer forging fees!

winner winner February 24 2008 11:02 AM EST

Serialkiler (assasin) three4thsforsaken (The9th) $1485786 11:01 AM EST All paid up

AdminNemesia [Demonic Serenity] February 24 2008 1:10 PM EST

returning that 40k now

three4thsforsaken February 24 2008 5:20 PM EST

Painkiller: Paid
Nemod: Paid
Bored: Paid
Darkwolf{jmh}: Paid
SerialKiler: paid
Nightstrike: 2,532,049
[JS]JS: paid ColonelCustard: 3,758,222

Colonel Custard February 24 2008 11:22 PM EST

Stats post-forging:
A Benelli Shotgun [5x2284] (+135) 53,870,630

From transfer log:
(Carlton Banks) three4thsforsaken (The9th) loan A Benelli Shotgun ($48501741) Feb 23

53,870,630 - 48,501,741 = 5,368,889
at 70%: I owe 3,758,222
Will send to the Hatchetman now, as I was directed in CM by 3/4.
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