3/4ths forging needs jobs... (in Services)

three4thsforsaken February 25 2008 10:27 PM EST

10 more days of forging for people. I've decided to have jobs on a day to day basis. You hire me for a day. I forge all I can.

Here are my fees
70% for MH, SoD, MgS, TG, Corns, VB, MCM (anything that's over/around 1.00 forging efficiency)

75% for MgK, and anything under

I really don't want to do Amulets or DBs

I forge roughly 7million a day, so be prepared to pay. I accept minor pay plans, but please keep it under 2 weeks

I don't know if this bonus will even last the end of my NUB, wouldn't be surprised if it just went away one day, so bigger jobs come first, the higher % NW you offer the more priority.

three4thsforsaken February 26 2008 12:29 AM EST

A Benelli Shotgun [5x2284] (+146) $61,198,456
from a
A Benelli Shotgun [5x2284] (+135) $53,870,630

NW difference: 7,327,826

owed: 5,129,478

three4thsforsaken February 26 2008 12:55 AM EST

A Blade of Thuringwethil [73x211] (+42) $3,436,385

for 12 hours for Ryuzaki, 65% fee since he's my buddy. right?! BUDDY!

three4thsforsaken February 26 2008 12:56 AM EST

oh yeah, he already sent 500k...

Ryuzaki February 26 2008 12:56 AM EST

you is very scary but sure

three4thsforsaken February 26 2008 1:16 AM EST

BluBBen's CML from +31 to +40 at 70% probably worth 6 hours of BA maybe a bit more, still have half of tomorrow free

Wizard'sFirstRule February 26 2008 4:44 AM EST

forge as much on my AC as you can in your spare time. I will send it for 5 days. put whatever on you can. 68%. I will try to pay fees ASAP.

Wizard'sFirstRule February 26 2008 4:45 AM EST

don't have 5 days option, sent it for 3 days instead.

Ryuzaki February 26 2008 9:07 PM EST

paid 1.1 mil for forging the BoTH, rounded since your my buddy. right?! BUDDY!

three4thsforsaken February 26 2008 10:26 PM EST

Forging for Custard for 2 days (haven't started yet)

after lostling's MgS possible for at least 3 days (65%)

If not, I'll contact Draco to work on his MsK 70%

Colonel Custard February 26 2008 10:42 PM EST

(Carlton Banks) three4thsforsaken (The9th) $5129478 10:41 PM EST

Paid up for all work done so far. Starting NW on this job: $61,198,456

three4thsforsaken February 26 2008 11:56 PM EST

thanks for the payment!

for Blubben

A Set of Chain Mail Leggings [18] (+39) $2,475,509
A Set of Chain Mail Leggings [18] (+31) 721,083

that was a very painful job, had issues with the dwarf, so I stopped a bit short

1,228,098 owed for that job

BluBBen February 27 2008 12:03 AM EST

BluBBen (Third BluBB) three4thsforsaken (The9th) $1228098 12:03 AM EST

Thanks for a great job! :-)

three4thsforsaken February 27 2008 1:05 AM EST

Glory's MH, for a day or 2 70%, looking for a good day

Bull3t F4c3 February 27 2008 3:01 AM EST

can u forge my corn as your next job?

three4thsforsaken February 27 2008 3:15 AM EST

it's going to be hard to find the time, I'm pretty much booked until next week, sorry. Maybe after Glory...

three4thsforsaken February 28 2008 3:02 AM EST

A Benelli Shotgun [5x2284] (+157) $69,400,092

Starting NW on this job: $61,198,456

owes: 5,741,145

Koshka February 28 2008 7:32 AM EST

I have an ELB at +100, and I'd like that increased. Have about $9M to spend, do you have any spare capacity and want the job?

Colonel Custard February 28 2008 11:28 PM EST

(Carlton Banks) three4thsforsaken (The9th) $5741145 11:27 PM EST

Paid through latest update.

three4thsforsaken February 28 2008 11:30 PM EST

probably not, but if I do I'll give you a CM

A Benelli Shotgun [5x2284] (+164) $75,089,065

previously: $69,400,092

NW difference: 5,688,973

Owed: 9,723,426

three4thsforsaken February 28 2008 11:31 PM EST

oops, 3,982,281 owed

thanks for the payment!

Colonel Custard February 29 2008 8:56 AM EST

(Carlton Banks) three4thsforsaken (The9th) $3982281 8:55 AM EST

Paid through +165. Great work!

miteke [Superheros] February 29 2008 9:01 AM EST

I'd like to have a Mage Shield forged if you still have a day left.

three4thsforsaken February 29 2008 10:41 AM EST

A Benelli Shotgun [5x2284] (+167) $77,641,527

Owed: 1,786,723

Alright, I think I'm done with the shotgun

Now a bit on Glory's MH

Colonel Custard February 29 2008 12:04 PM EST

(Carlton Banks) three4thsforsaken (The9th) $1786723 12:04 PM EST

Thanks buddy!

three4thsforsaken March 1 2008 2:09 AM EST

You're welcome ^^

Glory's MH
A Morgul-Hammer [84x2003] (+100) $31,022,018

to a

A Morgul-Hammer [84x2003] (+116) $37,883,898

NW difference: 6,861,880

owed: 4,803,316

Wizard'sFirstRule March 1 2008 2:48 AM EST

are you still taking my job? (AC +39 ATM)

three4thsforsaken March 1 2008 2:49 AM EST

Yeah, I'll probably find a day just to forge on it, though remember I charge 70%

Wizard'sFirstRule March 1 2008 3:11 AM EST

not a problem.

miteke [Superheros] March 1 2008 8:12 AM EST

In response to your CM I sent over a Mage Shield for 3 days. Forge anywhere up to +44 any time in the next 3 days. I hope I wasn't premature in sending it.

three4thsforsaken March 1 2008 12:07 PM EST

Glory (Bleys) three4thsforsaken (The9th) $4803316 -- forging payment 9:41 AM EST

three4thsforsaken March 2 2008 12:36 AM EST

WHOOO! I went kind nuts on the MH, broke a new forging record for amount forged in 24 hours (you don't want to know)

A Morgul-Hammer [84x2003] (+116) $37,883,898

to a

A Morgul-Hammer [84x2003] (+129) $44,611,129

Owed: 4,709,061

Relic March 2 2008 12:58 AM EST

Glory (Bleys) three4thsforsaken (The9th) $4709061 -- forging payment 12:58 AM EST

three4thsforsaken March 3 2008 7:23 PM EST

A Mage Shield [0] (+41) $6,736,112

to a

A Mage Shield [0] (+45) $13,375,212 miteke

Owed: 4,647,370

FOR Painkiller

An Adamantite Cuirass [40] (+39) $454,372


An Adamantite Cuirass [40] (+64) $2,750,532 PainKiller

owed: 1,607,312

Now on Koshka's ELB

miteke [Superheros] March 3 2008 8:39 PM EST

I see you forged it up to +45. Not that I mind, but I only have the money to pay for forging it up to +44, which is why I told you to stop at that point. I'll have to get you the remainder of the money after a few days. 4.4M sent now, and I owe you another 270K which will take a few days after I get the Mage Shield back from loan and make some money fighting. Actually I'm happy you forged it up the extra point, but I wouldn't have asked you to do it since I didn't have the cash.

three4thsforsaken March 3 2008 8:43 PM EST

oops, that was kind of an accident. I went kinda crazy on the mage shield, didn't notice that I overshot O.o

I stopped about halfway to the next point, it's kinda an added bonus I guess for screwing up. The next forger will find a pleasant surprise.

miteke [Superheros] March 3 2008 8:46 PM EST

Wow. Thanks a heap!

Wizard'sFirstRule March 3 2008 11:07 PM EST

PainKiller (Fasunaus) three4thsforsaken (The9th) $1607312 -- thanks a lot. 11:06 PM EST

thanks. if you have more time, I wouldn't mind my AC getting bigger

miteke [Superheros] March 4 2008 1:25 PM EST

I sent the last 270K and am paid in full.

three4thsforsaken March 4 2008 10:19 PM EST

An Adamantite Cuirass [40] (+64) $2,750,532 PainKiller

to a

An Adamantite Cuirass [40] (+72) $4,985,437 PainKiller (loan)

Painkiller Owes: 1,564,433

An Elven Long Bow [6x2250] (+100) $32,727,395

to a

An Elven Long Bow [6x2250] (+107) $35,511,903

Kosha Owes: 1,949,155

Currently working on Draco's MsK

Wizard'sFirstRule March 5 2008 5:16 AM EST

PainKiller (Fasunaus) three4thsforsaken (The9th) $1564433 5:15 AM EST

payment made and good for more forging, don't worry if you don't have time.

three4thsforsaken March 5 2008 12:13 PM EST

Mage Wrecker [5x500] (+112) $19,436,789

to a

Mage Wrecker [5x1215] (+112) $25,657,397

owed: 4,354,425

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