KILLEREGO and gt researchers (in New players)

KILLEREGO February 28 2008 9:22 PM EST

Hello everyone,
My name is KILLEREGO and I am an undergrad student at Georgia Tech. My classmates and I are currently taking Design of Online Communities for Computer Science. We have come here to study the CB community and will be writing a research paper at the end of this semester based on our observations. We will be using observations of people we get on this website as well as interviews with people that volunteer to be interviewed to gather our information. Anyone who wishes to opt out of participation is more than welcome to. We will also not use any information from chat or other transient communication for our project unless that person specifically gives consent for us to use that information.

If anyone has any questions or concerns, please either chatmail us or post to this thread and we will be more than happy to answer or discuss anything with you.

Also, if you specifically wish to be opted out, please contact any of us and we will make sure not to include anything about you in the paper.

The other people in my group should be responding to this shortly and identfying themselves. We are also all members of the GTResearcher clan.

smallpau1 - Go Blues [Lower My Fees] February 28 2008 9:26 PM EST

Welcome, and I am your mentor on this great community filled game, =) Hope you guys all plan to stay even after your research is over with! Glad you chose to use CB as your reference, lol. How'd you find out about CB to even use it as a source? It's great that you did none the less.

three4thsforsaken February 28 2008 9:26 PM EST

welcome, I'm sure you'll find the community here quite something.

Make sure to have fun while you're here ^^

lostling February 28 2008 9:30 PM EST

interesting i await to be scanned

KILLEREGO February 28 2008 9:33 PM EST

I was an old player in the days of CB1. And I would like to stick around for a while, not too much longer before I graduate and I will have lots of time to waste post graduation.

QBOddBird February 28 2008 9:39 PM EST

cool, glad to have you back

PotatoHead February 28 2008 9:58 PM EST

I will serve you cheese. Preemptively let me say: "You're welcome."
::smiles happily, slightly drooling::
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