This is the thing that I told my clan was wrong (in General)

Phrede March 2 2008 3:55 PM EST

I have suddenly beaten Ranger and Mikel. OK - good for me - but why. Why because maybe they have been concentrating on mages or whatever - but maybe because I have been concentrating on those strats. That is not the point though - the game is broken if a NCB can get to this situation (with a bit of USD investment) without burning max BA (I prolly did about 2/3). I know all the top guys will tweak their configs and things will be back to normal but surely its not quite right.

QBRanger March 2 2008 3:57 PM EST

Did u use upgraded ammo?

But a couple tweaks saved my day!

Ulord[NK] March 2 2008 4:08 PM EST

Good job Freed. Congrads. It's not bad to stir things up. "A bit of usd investment" is really an understatement in your case :).

Brakke Bres [Ow man] March 2 2008 4:08 PM EST

a bit of USD? As far as I know it, you're the heaviest USD spender around, and because his front minion doesn't have any kind of evasion on it you can take out his team in 4 rounds with triple hits in each round, splashing all the way +217 will do that.

Ulord[NK] March 2 2008 4:10 PM EST

I think Ranger will need more than a little tweak to get out of this one. Again, I think it is good for the game to force some changes. It's certainly very very entertaining to watch. Most exciting thing i've seen in ages.

Mikel March 2 2008 4:16 PM EST

There's only three tweaks left for me, ToA, more + on the DB's or unlearn archery and train evasion. I don't have the deep wallet that you have so I guess ToA or live with it that you are the only one that can beat me and enjoy the higher scores and possibly some reward bonus from those that beat you.

But Even so, you can't get past those evasion minions can ya?

Windwalker March 2 2008 4:19 PM EST

Freed! Whats broken? You got 2 more minions,equipped with some very impressive gear. Used a strategy that works for you. I wont even get into the cost of the gear or the minions. You earned it even if it is only temporary.Congratulations.Gives guys down the ladder a little hope that there could be some light at the end of the tunnel.

QBJohnnywas March 2 2008 4:20 PM EST

You have a huge amount of NW, but the SoD does level the ground; I had people near to 3 times my size on my fightlist. The gap between yourself and them isn't as high. Most of my fightlist was especially made up of dm/archer teams - built for short battles, but the SoD is even better at the short battle.

And if you're running a +217 SoD, with extra PTH on your ammo also you're overcoming Mikel's main defense against tanks - his DBs.

Against Ranger you have 5 million strength and a big SoD with guaranteed PTH hits. After Ranger's EC you're still sitting in the millions I presume as far as strength is concerned. And then you were hitting the RBF minion direct. RBF is only good at protecting from the splash, not the direct hit. I see Ranger has DBs on that minion now. That's put a stop to it?

I don't think the game is broken if things like this happen. This is a more extreme version of what I was doing with my SoD team (just ask G Beee!). There are plenty of reasons built into the game for this to happen.

Mikel March 2 2008 4:29 PM EST

Oh there is one other tweak, which I will do fist, but anyway I go, you'll eventually get me.

QBOddBird March 2 2008 6:04 PM EST

You are right around ~60%ish of Ranger's MPR after hiring 2 expensive isn't because the NCB is broken that you achieved this goal - the reason is something closer to:

Net Worth: $1,122,173,079

QBRanger March 2 2008 7:06 PM EST

Well there is nothing I can do now to stop Freed from beating me.

Well done!!!

8DEOTWP March 2 2008 7:28 PM EST

500M NW = 1.5M MPR?

Frost March 2 2008 7:31 PM EST

wow insane net worth X_X

Lumpy Koala March 3 2008 10:10 AM EST

Freed should start another NCB :D
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