Umm, what? I thought it was today.. (in General)

ActionAction March 6 2008 11:18 AM EST

.. that my NUB was supposed to end? ;/. I thought cache flush was at 1 am PST ;x.

TheHatchetman March 6 2008 11:19 AM EST

bonus doesn't end at cache flush like so many believe. It will be over at some point today, so enjoy it while it lasts ^_^

Ulord[NK] March 6 2008 11:20 AM EST

This is a sad day...

ActionAction March 6 2008 11:21 AM EST

Well you see Hatch, the NUB bonus on all my characters except my active one have already gone.. ~__~. Oh well, I suppose I'll just be patient and await the loss :).

Ulord[NK] March 6 2008 11:25 AM EST

Can't be a reckless spender anymore :). You have to earn your money like the rest of us hehe

TheHatchetman March 6 2008 11:26 AM EST

The bonus is gone on them because one of them is SoL... Idk, maybe each minion ya have adds 6 hours of bonus? :P

j'bob March 6 2008 11:26 AM EST

giggling at ulord.
It's funny cause it's true. Find a happy place AcAc, find a happy place.

ActionAction March 6 2008 11:29 AM EST

Thanks Ulord and J'bob :D. Of course, please don't expect me to curb my expensive shopping habits ~__~.

Anyway, is there a former NUB or Admin that knows when exactly I'll lose said bonus..? I only mentioned it because of the odd discrepancy between when my NUB ends for my main character, and all the others ;/.

Ulord[NK] March 6 2008 11:36 AM EST

I just bought 160 bas at 1k a piece. Still getting bonus. hmm..

TheHatchetman March 6 2008 11:39 AM EST

on that note, AA, "buy" all your BA while it's still free. I would assume the char would lose the bonus at about the same time you started the account...

ActionAction March 7 2008 1:36 AM EST

So guess what? I still have my NUB. Will someone please look at me now? :P. As in, Jon or something ;x.

three4thsforsaken March 7 2008 1:37 AM EST

give it 3 hours O.o

DrAcO5676 [The Knighthood III] March 7 2008 1:50 AM EST

Ladies of Loathing
a Character belonging to ActionAction
Created November 03, 2007 (NUB until March 06)

So as soon as Cache Flush hits tonight... you will no longer be Nub

Ulord[NK] March 7 2008 2:10 AM EST

I bought 336 BAs today at 1k a piece and burnt them all at 1573% bonus. They would've cost me almost 17k the day before, each, or 5.7mil in total. I saved 5.4mil today buying BA...
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