Is character xfer cost MPR or VPR based? (in General)

QBRanger March 12 2008 3:26 PM EDT

Ie could someone untrain and lower the xfer cost?

Or is it based on VPR?

Don't Panic March 12 2008 3:32 PM EDT

Why? Thinking of selling?

QBsutekh137 March 12 2008 3:33 PM EDT

I would assume VPR, but that's a very good question... Can you just take two transfer cost snapshots after not training a while and see if the xfer costs go up?

(does it show you xfer cost before going through with it?

Rubberduck[T] [Hell Blenders] March 12 2008 3:34 PM EDT

If it isn't VPR who is going to force the change. I vote ooty ;)

QBOddBird March 12 2008 3:34 PM EDT

It does show you xfer costs before going through with it....I'll try it out now, as a NCB is probably the best test subject for this.

QBOddBird March 12 2008 3:36 PM EDT

OK, so not yet. I can't transfer clan characters. Guess this is a 'delayed until Sunday' response.

Tezmac March 12 2008 3:41 PM EDT

Nope, its based of VPR.

I unlearned on one of my farms and it costs me $58,079 to transfer. After I train it is the same cost.

AdminQBnovice [Cult of the Valaraukar] March 12 2008 3:46 PM EDT

heh this is question for Monty... he had a char with negative money on CB1 from just such a stunt...

QBsutekh137 March 12 2008 3:47 PM EDT

Your poor farm, Tez! *smile* Well, thanks for checking!

Tezmac March 12 2008 3:48 PM EDT

Yeah, it cost me less than a whopping 5% of 70k exp, lol.
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