Not really 1M MPR yet (in Off-topic)

Obscurans March 17 2008 9:27 PM EDT

999,999 PR, 997k MPR, ~3M untrained XP, I'm already 1M+ VPR

On the side, I got myself CoI+12 and NS+12, going to switch to mage, is a free retrain ever going to happen? If not I'm going to do it now.

Relic March 17 2008 9:30 PM EDT

Nice work, keep it up.

QBOddBird March 17 2008 10:17 PM EDT

Don't plan on a free retrain happening. Jon did two of those and then reduced untraining costs dramatically - that says to me it isn't happening again anytime soon.

Obscurans March 18 2008 1:19 AM EDT

Done, now >1M MPR, but nobody new on my fightlist :'(

three4thsforsaken March 18 2008 1:23 AM EDT

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