Issue with Clan Points (in General)

winner winner March 18 2008 4:17 PM EDT

I fought 267 fights and have been attacked 375 times but I have over negatives 1100 points. I should have around 1000 more points so my fights vs. clan members aren't clan toward my points.

{cb1}Linguala March 18 2008 4:32 PM EDT

you're in a high lvl clan, people steal more points from you per fight than you can win from one.
267 fights at the lowest possible clan points won(2 per fight?) gives you a score of 534.
Against that stands 375 steals from you at highest possible clan points(6 per fight?), making that 1500+.
If you make the sum, you'll find out that CP could be correct.
But then again, I don't know how much or little CP can be won per battle.

QBOddBird March 18 2008 4:34 PM EDT

Huh? I was pretty sure it went:

Can make 2 CP - 4 CP - 6 CP a battle attacking
Can lose 1 CP - 2 CP defending

or something to that effect

Don't Panic March 18 2008 4:39 PM EDT

Can win 6, 4, or 2
Can lose 2 or 4.

QBRanger March 18 2008 4:46 PM EDT

If you win vs a clan member with a bonus you get 6 points
If you win vs a clan member in a clan without a bonus you get 4 points
If you win vs a non-clan member you get 2 points

If you lose vs a clan member you lose 4 points.
If you lose vs a non clan member you lose 2 points.

As far as I remember.

smallpau1 - Go Blues [Lower My Fees] March 18 2008 4:46 PM EDT

Raw scores are scores without any taken away, so if he has fights, he should have a positive number in the raw scores section according to how many fights he won.

QBRanger March 18 2008 4:47 PM EDT


He has 354 for the 24 hours.

AdminQBVerifex [Serenity In Chaos] March 18 2008 4:57 PM EDT

BTW serialkiller, you are in the clan dead-zone. There have been numerous threads about this both from me, and others regarding this topic. It still hasn't been addressed, therefore I am still not in a clan to this day. (every clan I join gets immediately pummeled with thousands of negative CPs a day)

Unless you are in the very top 5%, you cannot be in a clan and gain CP's effectively; this is how the system works currently. I've said this was ridiculous and unbalanced many times, but many of the people who are in the top 5% usually oppose any measure to change this system.

{cb1}Linguala March 18 2008 5:10 PM EDT

ok, so far the fights of The Force(passed 24 hours):
fights fought: 56 of which, 7 losses and 5 draws, no stalemates.
all fights were clan fights, so that would give him a minimum of 176 CP and a max of 264 CP.

Fights against him:
He had 380 defensive fights, of which 3 wins and 9 draws, again no stalemates.
not all of them were clan fights(unfortunately), but with this in mind, min CP lost is 736 and max lost is 1472.

Difference between max CP loss and min CP win is 1298.

I made the (rough) calculations with the latest update of your 24 hour battle summary and the info on CP wins and losses given by Ranger.
That said, I don't think something is wrong with your CP.

winner winner March 18 2008 5:49 PM EDT

Ling, this was 2 hours ago and I had 267 fights and all of them were 6 point clan members. So I should have at least 1400 points.

QBOddBird March 18 2008 10:02 PM EDT

SK is correct. You're looking at it from now, instead of from then.

I looked at it too and couldn't figure out what was going on either.
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