+200 (in General)

Unappreciated Misnomer March 24 2008 10:25 PM EDT

A Dagger [4x567] (+200) 14,583,331

bow to the master of time wasted hehe /cry


three4thsforsaken March 24 2008 10:28 PM EDT


Nem is currently working on a whip. Notice the whip section in the Wiki O.o

ActionAction March 24 2008 10:57 PM EDT

Awesome :).

8DEOTWP March 24 2008 11:06 PM EDT


lostling March 24 2008 11:16 PM EDT

damn i want that

Cube March 25 2008 1:44 AM EDT

Sort of useful actually, all those RoBf people that I can decay down to 1 hp, but can't hit.

chuck1234 March 25 2008 3:33 AM EDT

kewl, i had a +129 dagger once, just for getting rid of those pesky 1 hp people whom decay couldn't finish off; unfortunately, that biggest dagger in the game couldn't do 1 hp damage either!

i hope you have better luck on this one though :)

Kong Ming March 25 2008 4:48 AM EDT

May I know where to buy one of those?

deifeln March 25 2008 6:44 PM EDT

"Low-level melee weapons are never accepted by the blacksmith unless the owner is a Tournament Character. This is because for normal Characters you are better off trading up or renting, anyway. Still, if your heart is set on having the best Dagger in CB, consider using the Forge to do the upgrade yourself, or commission another player to do so. "

Perhaps this should be changed. It seems that very high PTH can be obtained from low level melee weapons. Pehaps people would like to use the BS.

I'm all for making another potential cash sink, regardless of how useful it is.

Sickone March 25 2008 7:58 PM EDT

It used to make sense when there was a waiting time for blacksmith jobs.
Now, with instant blacksmith... why not allow them ?

AdminNemesia [Demonic Serenity] March 25 2008 8:22 PM EDT

I would love to be allowed to BS my whip. Nice job on that dagger.

Relic March 25 2008 8:25 PM EDT

I also think the BS should be allowed for all weapons. Forging a dagger that large is such a waste of time and yet it has application in battling evasion :)

Hyrule Castle March 26 2008 3:28 AM EDT

hooray.... you will be able to hit for weakness against evasion minions :P

chuck1234 March 26 2008 3:44 AM EDT

Kong Ming: You just need to wait until some guy/ gal gets disgusted with the non-performance of their "biggest dagger in the game" and unloads it into the store....otoh, you can buy a low level dagger, and then forge it on your own, coz the BS looks down his nose at such a "low-level" melee weapon....if you are thinking of forging a dagger huge, a statutory warning is in order though: there is a very high chance that you will unload it onto the store when its over and done with :p

lostling March 26 2008 4:11 AM EDT

since theres no more BS waiting time why not allow the BS to blacksmith Everything...

Kong Ming March 26 2008 6:18 AM EDT

So is the thread starter interested in selling it to me? It seems perfect for my heavy tank setup.

Unappreciated Misnomer March 27 2008 4:37 AM EDT

i dont know about selling it atm.

this is only a personal goal if you'll call it that

the reason? because it cant be done at the BS, look at the Battle Axe and the Halbred, they are the largest one hander and 2-hander that are forge only and i own them too, this means no one can go and get instant upgrades thru the BS. to me they are apart of a unique market.

and why would they make low level weapons available at the forge, yes they are cheap but that would alter the higher tier lvls of game play, but who wants a +200 dagger..sure you can hit but it wont kill, everyone wants it BS style just cause they seen jsut how CHEAP it is. 200+ for less than 15mil. everyone is buying lol

Unappreciated Misnomer March 27 2008 4:40 AM EDT

A Battle Axe [44x222] (+50) 3,460,754
A Halberd [52x102] (+40) 2,025,239

just to keep tooting my own horn :P

Kong Ming March 27 2008 9:03 AM EDT

Any idea how much it takes to get the battle axe to +200?

Lumpy Koala March 27 2008 9:30 AM EDT

Not exactly exciting... but I think I have +200 too :D

Unarmed Combat: 201 / 130

Unappreciated Misnomer March 27 2008 12:15 PM EDT

numbers do not lie :P
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