AC (in General)

Ancient Anubis April 6 2008 2:48 AM EDT

i think its time all + on all armour should be included in ac total not just non mage and enchanter armour

iBananco [Blue Army] April 6 2008 2:51 AM EDT

I agree. My +171 DBs should grant 171 AC and damn the consequences!

Ulord[NK] April 6 2008 3:11 AM EDT

DB aside, don't see why mage armor shouldn't grant AC (CoI, NS, AG, Corn) given the horrific PR weight...

BootyGod April 6 2008 3:22 AM EDT

I agree, excluding DB. But, honestly, given encumbrance, I could even hear a case for DB. Like every +10 = 1 AC. That way event he largest DB don't grant immunity, but still give you a bit.

Wizard'sFirstRule April 6 2008 3:26 AM EDT

I think the issue is flavour. You can imagine King Arthur with good armor, but Merlin with 200+ armor would be a little weird. Knights etc in stories are typically heavily armored, while mages generally just throw fireball and prey that they don't get hit.

Cube April 6 2008 3:53 AM EDT

234->256 on my mage =)
But seriously I don't think it's that big a deal. I'd definitely appreciate it, but most mages wouldn't notice.

Templar April 6 2008 4:01 AM EDT

as a single DD, i don't mind the change either way. But if my DB's give AC...
game over man.

Ancient Anubis April 6 2008 4:02 AM EDT

by the way most mage gear costs heaps to upgrade so it ain't going to give a huge boost just a minor nice one and yes dbs with ac could cause problems unless like suggested +10 for every + 1 ac

Wizard'sFirstRule April 6 2008 4:26 AM EDT

at the moment, the armor for tank/mage are a balacing factor. If mage can get AC from mage armor, then the upgrade cost must be increased (however slightly) to keep the balance. For single minion FB/MM, that is a bad thing, because you want to get a kill as quickly as possible, while AC cost money but doesn't do that. (run on sentences - must resist the urge to press submit, then confirm without editing)

SundariZelia [The Knighthood] April 6 2008 4:33 AM EDT

I think mage armour giving AC and bonuses would be a bit overpowered but I do think they should have base values so mages can get a bit of AC.

Sickone April 6 2008 4:35 AM EDT

Heh, from -4 to +83 AC, that would be my "big increase".
Since my HP is barely a quarter of my "total levels", it wouldn't make a big difference anyway.

Wizard'sFirstRule April 6 2008 4:38 AM EDT

if it doesn't make enough difference in practical terms, and loses a little flavour from it, why do it?

Sickone April 6 2008 4:41 AM EDT

It would make a pretty big difference on a CoC mage with heavily upgraded MCM and a named buckler...

Cube April 6 2008 5:09 AM EDT

Well it'd make a difference for me about 9 percent damage or something, but I think it's fair enough already. The thing is it's supposed to be hard to get a high AC mage, one of the downsides.

Also, Sickone, CoI's already have a base AC.

Sickone April 6 2008 6:50 AM EDT

CoI might (seriously, I thought it doesn't, and I didn't mention CoI at all, I said CoC, as in "Cone of Cold"), but AG / NSC and DB certainly don't (EB do, but unless you have a high evasion already, DB are better at the same NW).

Sickone April 6 2008 6:51 AM EDT

Oh, BASE AC. Well, yeah. Load of good does that do, heh. The power's in the plus :p

Cube April 6 2008 8:15 PM EDT

Trust me I know it'd help, but I think it's supposed to be the downside of being a mage

three4thsforsaken April 6 2008 8:41 PM EDT

the boost to AC may seem small, but it's really a big deal combined with ToE. The question is, whether mages need this buff, it'll allow them to survive MgK that much easier
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