Can we get the BOM off the power shield category? (in General)

QBRanger April 6 2008 10:31 AM EDT

With the new changes, the BOM is a very nice item.

The strength boost is quite impressive, and makes using a 1H weapon much more attractive.

However, single minion characters cannot use it and a tattoo.

Just my Sunday musings!

QBRanger April 6 2008 10:32 AM EDT

Ooops Fat fingers in the title.

Can an admin change COM ----> BOM?

lostling April 6 2008 10:33 AM EDT

and then there will only be MGS in the power shield cat lol.... i would love to see more powershields being introduced

QBRanger April 6 2008 10:35 AM EDT

As would I, however, it appears the BOM was placed into that category to keep the MgS company.

Time for it to be a usable item.

AdminNightStrike April 6 2008 10:36 AM EDT

BOM + TOA is the reason it's there.

Admin{CB1}Slayer333 [SHIELD] April 6 2008 10:36 AM EDT

fixed title and agreed

smallpau1 - Go Blues [Lower My Fees] April 6 2008 10:44 AM EDT

Maybe leave it in the category but have it add to STR and DX?

Brakke Bres [Ow man] April 6 2008 11:14 AM EDT

ToA backed minon with HoE, AoM and BoM? I don't think so.

iBananco [Blue Army] April 6 2008 11:48 AM EDT

TSA usually provides just as much, if not more ST compare to a ToA.

Atomicboy [The Knighthood] April 6 2008 11:50 AM EDT

don't you have enough strength? Oh wait you want more nw...

QBRanger April 6 2008 11:50 AM EDT

JS does have a valid point.

The TSA gives quite the strength boost and regeneration ability.

For me, having trained strength that is better then the TOA.

However for those with little or no trained strength the TOA is nice.

The addition of the BOM to the TOA would not be too excessive IMO. And with ENC is certainly needed by tanks.

Atomicboy [The Knighthood] April 6 2008 11:53 AM EDT

we shouldn't be thinking of ways to compensate for people with low strength. It is needed to do damage simple as that. People shouldn't get away with training little of it. Plus there are tons of strength items.

TheHatchetman April 6 2008 12:02 PM EDT

A week ago, I would've been all for this, but now BoM does have the power to raise your encumbrance, which is extremely powerful...

as far as "TSA usually provides just as much, if not more ST compare to a ToA."

The TSA often can do this, but the BoM doesn't boost the ST added by ToA, strength boosting gears boost the ToA-added ST just as much ;)

iBananco [Blue Army] April 6 2008 12:03 PM EDT

Strength boosting gears don't touch ToA ST.

QBRanger April 6 2008 12:05 PM EDT

Actually all strength boosting gears do boost the strength granted by the TOA. Just like all dex boosting gears boost the dex granted by the TOA.

It was a change made over 2 years ago if my memory is correct.

iBananco [Blue Army] April 6 2008 12:05 PM EDT

In that case, the wiki needs updating.

lostling April 6 2008 12:14 PM EDT

i have an interesting suggestion

Rune of negation lvl 20 (can be named for larger effect)

gives you entire team 20% more encumbrance, WA and reduces your PR by 20%

MudBug The Redeemer April 6 2008 12:20 PM EDT

It seems that the ToA is the main concern here, Make the ToA BoM combo incompatible, but open up the other tats to combo off the BoM. Then the jiggy and haldion would be able to get the boost.

TheHatchetman April 6 2008 12:22 PM EDT

Since when does Jiggy get help from Junction? :P

AdminNightStrike April 6 2008 12:23 PM EDT

TSA + BOM < TOA + BOM because the TOA boost DX and PTH as well as ST.

Said another way,


lostling April 6 2008 12:25 PM EDT

i would like to point out that soxjr's 3mill lvl tatt only gives him like 20 PTH :)

iBananco [Blue Army] April 6 2008 12:28 PM EDT

On the other hand, TSAs give less PR and offer regen, as well as a sizeable amount of AC, as well as the ability to choose the MgS and EC.

AdminQBGentlemanLoser [{END}] April 6 2008 2:34 PM EDT

The BoM was moved to the PS category before the introduction of the TSA and it's massive increase to STR.

If it was originally moved because STR increases with the possibility of ToA + BoM was too much, now that ;

1: There exists a Body armour capable of increases STR with a PS anyway (and no Cloak...)

2: the ToA STR was changed (reduced and made to be effected by item increases)

There's really no reason to make the humble BoM a PS. It's just not good enough for the drawbacks.

QBRanger April 6 2008 2:41 PM EDT

And let us not forget it only gives +1 str per + with a 1H weapon.

With a 2H weapon it gives a paltry 1/4% bonus per +.

iBananco [Blue Army] April 6 2008 2:43 PM EDT

1/3, isn't it?

QBRanger April 6 2008 2:52 PM EDT

Yes 1/3rd.

Still quite a low amount.

Hopefully the new changes to 1H weapons will make them far more popular.

Cube April 6 2008 3:10 PM EDT

I say just make it work well for two handed weapons.

QBOddBird April 6 2008 6:05 PM EDT

"JS, 12:03 PM EDT
Strength boosting gears don't touch ToA ST."

You are totally, 100% wrong. Just thought I'd let you know.

If you don't believe me, you didn't see when I hit 130%+ STR bonus on Hejin. He had, I believe, 1.74M STR/750k and 1.3M DX/900k. I could be wrong, I've since retired him and removed his gears since I've temporarily stopped playing.

Oh yeah, and that was at around ~800k MPR. No tattoo could've added all that. The disadvantage lies in getting no extra ToA PTH.

iBananco [Blue Army] April 7 2008 8:44 AM EDT

Ranger already corrected my mistake 13 posts ago.
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