Blacksmith layout (in General)

AdminQBGentlemanLoser [{END}] April 11 2008 7:12 AM EDT

Currently the BS shows wepaons as '+' then 'x', while the general layout for weapons is 'x' then '+'.

Would it be possible to change the BS layout to have the 'x' upgrade (or disenchant) before the '+'? Just to keep the layouts the same and avoid any confusion about which stat you're upgrading.

I admit, I upgraded my AXBow's + when I thought I was upgrading the 'x'. It was lucky, as I really wanted to upgrade the '+' anyway. ;)

QBRanger April 11 2008 10:00 AM EDT

I agree it is a lot confusing.

I almost disenchanted the + on my MH when I wanted to do the x.
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