Big Gap in opponent list almost 1 million!!! (in General)

SuperHD April 23 2008 9:48 PM EDT

ok there is this big gap between proteus 4 and Igot noname

its almost a 1mil gap in score.

i am heading directly there, it's like a black hole or a worm hole and Proteus 4 and igot noname are guarding each entry..

Wizard'sFirstRule April 23 2008 10:14 PM EDT

as soon as you get the top guy in the black hole, the gap will close very quickly. the problem is for the guys getting there.

[P]Mitt April 24 2008 12:01 AM EDT

Nah, as soon as you can beat a few of those guys up top and nobody below can constantly beat you, you'll jump.

QBRanger April 24 2008 1:29 AM EDT

Highest Scores
Koyaanisqatsi (4546382)
King of Pain (4534613)
Edyit (3874334)
Conundrum (3864980)
FTW (3861403)
Violent Femmes (3845293)
Black Sophist (3828248)
NWO (3824391)
Oxcha (3797454)
Hubbell (3756605)
The Lega (3703103)
pffff (3657611)
Failure (3652887)
Carprofen (3635979)
Dixie Cousins (3511983)
------> Dead Zone so often typed about
igot noname (2801801)
Proteus 4 (2566866)
Classic Gaming (2317206)

Yes, a place typed about quite a lot in forums.

I agree it is a bad thing for CB, but it can be thought of as a giant goal to accomplish in CB. Sort of like a quest to make it through the dead zone and get to the land of 6 BA regeneration.

Or we can just fix it by changing the challenge bonus structure at the 7-10 BA regeneration rate.

I personally would like the latter to occur, and many people have posted possible solutions to it.

Little Anthony April 24 2008 2:34 AM EDT

I can try to help out the score gap this coming Sunday again.

Soxjr April 24 2008 2:38 AM EDT

That doesn't help LA. Sorry, but it just changes the score for that day then it gets back to normal.

AdminNightStrike April 24 2008 2:47 AM EDT

FWIW, I'm below the cutoff, and yet in the 6BA regen.

TheHatchetman April 25 2008 1:28 PM EDT

With my NCB, I beat Aldarion, who beats Metalic Maid, who beats 1st Person Shooter, who beats Powerpoof Girls, who beats Aether, who beats Double Trouble.

So, in two weeks, I have managed a char that takes score from some pretty high up players, and I'm sure I can trace the other way to much lower ones (as if mine wasn't low enough)... Score is constantly dragged downward by people fighting up, however, it usually reaches to the top two or three spots with the occasional claws at first, where I'm pretty sure it's "generated" by people fighting down. Currently this is not the case. Those above the gap are undefeatable by those below it, which is how it is created... Once someone below the gap gets a grip on someone above it, they will rapidly drain score from the new target who would begin drawing score from all theirs, which will be funneled out of them, then they take score from their targets, so on and so forth (as I described above with the little "I beat G Beee" paragraph :P).

So this is only a temporary issue ^_^
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