Where exactly is the dead zone? (in General)

Wizard'sFirstRule April 23 2008 10:32 PM EDT

I plan to hire 1 minion (probably from a loan), and I want to know the exact spot to hire to boost me out of the dead zone.

Flamey April 23 2008 10:50 PM EDT

when you start getting 0% Challenge bonus. It's probably earlier. It's just when you can't find more opponents, and your challenge bonus declines rapidly.

Wizard'sFirstRule April 23 2008 10:55 PM EDT

I am not finding new targets at 1.1m MPR

Yukk April 23 2008 11:03 PM EDT

1.1M MPR sounds a little low to me. You may need to tweak your strat. Of course, hiring a minion may be just what you need. I haven't looked at your character so I don't know.

Wizard'sFirstRule April 23 2008 11:13 PM EDT

I guess start putting massive DM would help against those 4m AS GA teams.

Relic April 23 2008 11:19 PM EDT

The dead zone starts at around 850K MPR and just continues until your N*B is over.

You are completely unable to maintain a 100% Challenge Bonus after 850K MPR.

Adding characters doesn't really matter much after a while because you are still getting negative Challenge Bonus' from everyone on your fightlist.

Wizard'sFirstRule April 23 2008 11:20 PM EDT

actually, I kept it up until like 1m, but I just don't find new targets after 850k.

Tyriel [123456789] April 23 2008 11:20 PM EDT

At 1.7m PR/1.3m MPR, my highest challenge bonus is 20%. I expect the 'dead zone', depending on your strategy, will probably be when your PR is around 2m-2.3m, seeing as how there's a log-jam of people at or below 2.3m score, with the next highest being over 3.3m.

QBRanger April 24 2008 1:33 AM EDT

I have always thought of the "dead zone" as Flamey.

When you start to get a negative challenge bonus.

Then, finding targets that have a higher score then your PR is almost impossible.

The only current solution to this is to:
1) Buy minions to get to the 6 BA regeneration rate.
2) Pare down your character to the bare minimums to keep your PR as low as possible.

But number 2 is impossible to do throughout this zone until you hit the magical land of 6 BA regeneration.

AdminNightStrike April 24 2008 2:13 AM EDT

"I have always thought of the "dead zone" as Flamey"

Flamey's not a dead zone!!


Phrede April 24 2008 2:50 AM EDT

"You have just entered the Dead Zone"

I hope Flamey doesn't mind ;-)

BootyGod April 24 2008 2:59 AM EDT


QBJohnnywas April 24 2008 3:05 AM EDT

I'm sitting around the 1.1 million MPR, but around 1.9 -2 million score. I can't at the moment add any more to my fightlist. I can't fight up any higher, and my average challenge bonus is about 12%. I would say myself and PK are sitting slap bang in the middle of the deadzone. Prior to about 800k MPR I was adding getting very large challenge bonuses and my fightlist was changing rapidly. But ever since I've been able to add to my fightlist but a lot less than before and challenge bonuses began to drop fast.

Cube April 24 2008 3:22 AM EDT

From what I can tell from this NCB and the NUB, the dead zone is about at 2 mil, where there is a massive jump in pr per score. If I add an opponent over 2 mil it's pretty rare.

Organ Doughner [Fees Dirt Cheap] April 24 2008 6:51 AM EDT

I'm at 1.9M score and 1.3M MPR. I'm getting 12%-36% challenge bonus currently.

Zoglog[T] [big bucks] April 24 2008 7:06 AM EDT

I'd say I'm in it, 3 months out and my score actually rose about 100k which I wasn't expecting.
Finding it difficult to push myself much higher in score, pr is catching up although can still maintain positive bonuses, it just takes a lot more fails to find those that give me them.

Yukk April 24 2008 8:04 AM EDT

Well LA isn't helping. Flamey was clawing his way towards 6/20, but now FTW is streaking out ahead with his fast-growing MPR. So yeah, Flamey is surfing the edge of the dead zone without ever getting out.

deifeln April 24 2008 3:48 PM EDT

Would a series of 'bot' characters fix this?

- Several characters with different strats and MPRs designed to give decent rewards
- Would have to fight other characters (possibly each other in rock-paper-scissors fashion) to maintain score

Flamey April 24 2008 9:43 PM EDT

""You have just entered the Dead Zone"

I hope Flamey doesn't mind ;-)"

lol, freed. I've been at this stage since maybe 1.7m MPR. Of course this number would get higher because time keeps moving. I was getting out of the dead zone and into 6/20, it was hard enough with Ranger there, but now I'm pretty doomed and doing nothing cos of LA.
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