Auction Question (in General)

mfc2003 April 28 2008 11:13 PM EDT

I'm kind of curious, as well as a bit frustrated. I have two different sides of my brain working against themselves:

1) The auction is set up so that random rare items spawn at low frequencies so that they keep them rare, as well as jack up the prices. This is to create a challenge as well as to even out fairness.

2) The auction provides almost no options for those who are beginning the game, because no one wants the basic items they can afford. Most items are either too low or high in value and quality for newer players to buy. Also, there are realistically very few items actually in auction at any given time.

So, I'm just curious, does anyone else feel this way? Maybe the solution is, and i think its viable, is to introduce some medium-grade items for consumption of lower-level characters to buy, trade, sell, etc... Any thoughts?

three4thsforsaken April 28 2008 11:18 PM EDT

yes, there are not that many items in auctions at any given time, but that's natural, or else there would not be scarcity.

However, most items show up during auctions during the course of an NUB, and more often sooner than later. And if it doesn't a wtb thread would definitely solve the problem

Also worth noting, with the disenchanting, lots of base items are floating around, so prices are actually quite kind to NUBs during this period.

smallpau1 - Go Blues [Lower My Fees] April 28 2008 11:21 PM EDT

Dont complain, you have NUB giving you free BA to "buy". So you don't spend money on anything but to save up to buy these items. Rares are rares, they're going to be expensive and not many are going to be sold at one time, which is why they are rare/expensive.

j'bob April 28 2008 11:25 PM EDT

+ 1 to 3 quarters. Now is a great time to be a nub, making all that nub money with all those disenchanted lower end "rares" floating around. Not to mention waaaay more elb's and mgskr's than I ever saw and at awesome prices.

I've always thought a good way for a nub to get something they really want is to apply for a loan, but instead of getting the money (those spooky nubs are not to be trusted) have the loan-er buy the item and hold it while the nub makes payments. Obviously details could be worked out like, once 1/2 the item is paid for it can be sent. This way the nub locks in an item that they may want very badly.
There, that now frees up some space in my infinitely cluttered mind.

TheHatchetman April 28 2008 11:26 PM EDT

"introduce some medium-grade items"

MC, BoM, Unarmed Combat, BoNE (some people give the damn things out for free... :P), Compound bow, Ax/Ex have negligable base value. and ELS (Apparently they're so cheap, it's worthwhile to sell a named base one to the store :P). Also, due to the disenchanter, Executioner's swords and katanas are now much less of a waste of money to upgrade :P

j'bob April 28 2008 11:29 PM EDT

And if the items Hatch mentioned are still to ... "high end", what about the 2 compound bows and the 2 handed flail in the store right now. I was quite fond of my 2 handed flail.... :D
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