3/4th's big strat, advice please :) (in General)

three4thsforsaken April 29 2008 12:30 AM EDT

Hmmm, forums needs a little bit of spice....

I've been thinking about this strat for over a month now, and am currently forging the equips.

It's another CoC strat with layers of damage reduction, it's not too original, but has a little flair of it's own. It's was inspired by The Four Kings way back when.

Ultimately I want this

1st minion- Enchanter
3/4th AS
1/4th AMF

equips ToE, Corn and AoI

2nd minion- CoC mage
3/4ths CoC
1/4th HP

Equips NS, Cab, CoI, DB, MCM, AoI

3rd Minion- PL battery
lots of HP with PL

TSA with AoI

4th minion- High AC evasion wall (that's right :D)

4/5th Evasion
1/5th HP

equips MC, HoD, TG, SC, CML, AoF, MS (approx 310+ AC)

I already possess most of the equips, and am currently forging. My plan is to grow the CoC mage and evasion wall first then hire the others, at maybe 1.2 million MPR. That's why I ran the contest a while back, to find a way to grow these characters the fastest.

Tanks will have to deal with quite a bit of evasion, and even if they hit, they still need to get pass the PL battery and AC. DD teams will have trouble with my ToE which is currently 2.5 million.

My greatest weakness seems to be AMF and Mgk, however, even if the CoC mage dies, there is a strong chance I will be able to stop farmers will a perfect staling machine.

So what do you think? I love advice and criticisms.

AdminNemesia [Demonic Serenity] April 29 2008 12:48 AM EDT

I would suggest putting at least a buckler if not a MS on the CoC mage. That would help his ac a bunch. Also you should put a prot on either the CoC mage or the PL minion. If you put it on the CoC mage, you can eventually put a mgs on the PL minion which would increase your def against mages some.

FuriousHobo April 29 2008 2:37 AM EDT

I am not a strat builder but looking at this strat, i recommend a MgS for your last minion to counter MM teams. The TSA with the ToE is perfect for staleing. :] Overall, it is one hellova good strat. :))) i would use it if i had the gear. :P

Cube April 29 2008 4:26 AM EDT

Put the TSA wall in the back with a Mage shield if you have one, otherwise it should be fine.

I'd say train less evasion, as in just a minor evasion so you get a bit of pth. Evasion is powerful now, but if you are going to train it on an AC wall with the penalties it's not that powerful. Especially, with Encumbrance now, you'll have to train a lot of HP now, there is no way around it. My wall's evasion gives -30 pth, and I don't think I'll train too much more.

From personal experience with my current character, grow the CoC mage as big as you can at first or else AMF will be death always. Then Hire the PL Battery second, then the Wall, and lastly the enchanter.

Overall, Encumbrance has made that whole evasion wall idea you have obsolete, I'm sorry to say, but I actually think it'd be better with 4/5ths HP 1/5th Evasion anyway.

Cube April 29 2008 4:32 AM EDT

As far as equips, switch the MC to an AC, since I told you to train HP.

You can put the MC on the Mage if you want, they give a good amount of AC.

Switch the Cab for a HoC, I tried using a Cab for a while, the extra bit of AC wasn't worth the round penalty by far.

Get a shield for you mage, buckler, or MS, I say MS because it's only a small increase in penalty for about 20+ more AC. Get a buckler for your enchanter.

three4thsforsaken April 29 2008 11:04 AM EDT

TSA with MgS in the back would actually not be a good investment with the price of MgS these days. With the 10 million required to buy one, I would be able to have a more comparable DD defense in the upgrades I can buy or very near it. (probably 10% difference tops)

Also worth noting that I'll have -11% in skill penalties, and +33% in Skill bonus. I do not think investing in the evasion tank is a bad idea, with the amount of evasion I'm giving it tanks will have trouble hitting it, and if they hit, I will guarantee that they hit it once. In the long run, it'll be much more cost efficient, because the second they can double hit you, it's as if they just cut your Damage reduction in half. Besides reducing hits is a better SoD defense, as splash is based on RAW damage. Oh, and I tested evasion on my current build, and I have the enc worked out, don't worry :)

My PL battery will be small at first, but I do not need it to be incredibly large. 1 million is kind of a goal at the end of my NCB.

I like the idea of a buckler on the CoC mage and enchanter :)

Cube April 29 2008 3:08 PM EDT

Well as said the major problem on the evasion tank will be Encumbrance at least initially. The other think is Evasion won't help versus Magic Missile, which your wall will be very vulnerable to with only 1/5th HP. I know the AS will help, but lots of Mages use DM.

three4thsforsaken April 29 2008 3:46 PM EDT

that's why I have a PL battery :P

Besides I have enough AC on that thing that nothing short of the top MM teams will break my ToE.

And if they trained DM, my life will be much easier, because they don't be training AMF. The AS is simply a cherry on top to help out the PL battery and the Mage survive AMF.

Do you think I should train decay anywhere?

Cube April 29 2008 3:58 PM EDT

Definitely, put Decay on your Enchanter, directly in front of your CoC Mage. This is the best position because you want Decay to fire before CoC. Decay complements CoC immensely this way, and there's no reason to put it anywhere else as it'll just harm your Defense if it is AMFed. When your Enchanter has plenty of ENC, you can put NSC on him; it will be worth it. You don't have to train the Decay up very far, but hopefully you can get it high enough that anyone who trains a small AMF to fight decay will regret it not being bigger.

Also, I may consider putting CMLs on him on top of the Buckler, but that's your preference. Any AC tends to complement endurance very well.

three4thsforsaken April 29 2008 9:14 PM EDT

CMLs don't sound too bad, but somehow sticking AC on an enchanter doesn't seem like the best use of my cash. But it might be good for spreading damage that much longer, and reducing stress on my PL battery.

I don't know, it's such an expensive strat to run... how is your strat doing Cube?

Cube April 29 2008 9:40 PM EDT

My strats been going pretty well. I have enough AC on my mage to deal with the second largest Mageseeker in the game. Most of my targets are fireball mages. I've had a lot of trouble dealing with AMF since I hired late, but most of those result in Stalemates, so I've mostly been getting farmed by people with much more mpr, so it's working out pretty well. The AMF seemed to help much more than AS ever did. With AS I beat tanks more reliably, but it didn't matter versus most mages, since they almost all have DM.

And yeah the CMLs on an enchanter don't do a whole lot, but I've been trying to get mine to survive to melee more so the decay works out.

three4thsforsaken April 30 2008 12:28 AM EDT

That's good to know, if you're having trouble with tanks, the evasion wall would probably be a good remedy to that.

Cube April 30 2008 9:37 AM EDT

Actually, honestly my wall holds up well I've got two elbs on my fight list.
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