Something wrong with forge updates? (in General)

{cb1}Linguala May 3 2008 4:55 AM EDT

Previous value: {cb1}Linguala ($88,707,425)
Current value: {cb1}Linguala ($88,738,492)

I've just upgraded a BTH 21 points in the damage modifier.
That's a NW upgrade of 21 x 7820 which is 150k+ NW

I'd like to ask my fellow forgers if they encounter this too before I go yelling BUG BUG.

8DEOTWP May 3 2008 5:11 AM EDT

updates every 15 minutes?

MonkeyMandate [Wasting Time] May 3 2008 5:27 AM EDT

i've never noticed that. every time i check it it seems to update by the right amount though i only really check the daily amounts

{cb1}Linguala May 3 2008 6:44 AM EDT

Jah, I don't even know what you mean with that.
Lightning, I found out that the daily thing isn't reliable you forge, you might be losing NW because it has gone over the 24 hour mark. Hence the yearly...

MonkeyMandate [Wasting Time] May 3 2008 8:07 AM EDT

thats true too. though for that instead of the yearly i tend to check the monthly and weekly, as they give me a better indication on how i'm going with the stuff that i'm forging at the moment

Sickone May 3 2008 9:04 AM EDT

While I was forging I noticed that the amount forged was increasing at every RPM increase, and not all of it at once when the blacksmith charged the fee.

Cube May 3 2008 12:14 PM EDT

{cb1}Linguala ($88,812,691)

That's what Jah means, give it time to update. Those pages aren't instant. For example if I have a top attribute and I retrain, it'll take a while til it shows up that I'm not the top anymore.

Colonel Custard [The Knighthood] May 3 2008 12:18 PM EDT

"Lightning, I found out that the daily thing isn't reliable you forge, you might be losing NW because it has gone over the 24 hour mark. Hence the yearly..." But you were forging a year ago, weren't you? The same thing occurs, eventually. It is possible that you upped something 120k the same day last year and that it just dropped off.

Except it looks like it updated, as Rubix posted.

TheHatchetman May 3 2008 12:53 PM EDT

the top 5 list is cached for speed, but if you click the actual list of all the names, you can see the most current results ^_^ If the inaccuracy was coming from the list and not on the top 5 summary on the stats page, perhaps you forged some net worth exactly a year ago (you've been forging for quite a while, no? :P)... If neither of those are the case, the list is hindering you for not having a NUB :P

8DEOTWP May 3 2008 5:46 PM EDT

The info on the pages refreshes every once in a while (15 mins.?). Unless you look at it between your last upgrade and each update, and have no forging values being lost due to forward progression of the stats, then it wont be correct.
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