Encumbrance & Runes / Tattoos / Familiars ? (in General)

AdminShade May 5 2008 10:41 AM EDT

Atm my Enchanter Minion's Encumbrance is a bit over 6.1 million NW.

It is wearing a +7 Corn (~1 mil NW) and a 7.8 mil NW RoBF.

Shouldn't the minion get a notice about this in the equip screen or are Tattoos / Runes / Familiars exempted from this?

I couldn't find this in the changelog entry so asking this now...

QBOddBird May 5 2008 10:41 AM EDT

Tattoos don't count toward encumbrance

QBOddBird May 5 2008 10:42 AM EDT

This means you only have 1M on the minoin

j'bob May 5 2008 10:52 AM EDT

From the April 3rd "Encumbrance and Evasion" change log.
In case you wanna look thru it again.

> how exactly is tattoo NW taken into account ?

I should have said that to begin with: tattoo nw does not count towards encumbrance at all.

AdminShade May 5 2008 11:56 AM EDT

Ahh, thought so but thanks!

Sickone May 5 2008 12:22 PM EDT

And also, even if your tat-wearing minion has 1.00 Enc, the familiar always has 0.00 Enc.
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