ec/amf (in General)

Ancient Anubis May 10 2008 5:27 AM EDT

i put it out there that ec and amf are too strong. Mainly ec though just based on the exp tanks need in st, hp, dx and usually a skill and a single dedicated ec minion can nullify it due to ec exp focus.

QBOddBird May 10 2008 5:53 AM EDT

Except if you choose to use either/or, you forfeit DM, leaving you vulnerable to GA, AS, Protection, VA, the whole array of EDs.

Brakke Bres [Ow man] May 10 2008 6:57 AM EDT

who uses ED's nowadays? Most in the top 10 don't use a lot of ED's

I think ED's are overrated.

And why doesn't the spell checker know the aberration for enchant defensive? Could an admin add it to the spell checker. This is just silly, I proclaim the spell checker as worst feature of CB!

King May 10 2008 7:32 AM EDT

AMF already needs to be huge to have any effect especially with NSCs or a familiar with an AoF so it would be useless if nerfed (although I'd personally love the see my decay not getting completely killed by equipping an aof).

Also ed (like large GAs) can be a lifesaver vs a few types of chars so i think the choice between AMF and DM is an important part of the system so they need to have somewhat equal uses.

Admindudemus [jabberwocky] May 10 2008 11:19 AM EDT

i have almost 70m trained xp in amf while the largest dd out there has about 72m trained xp in it. he beats the snot out of me in 2 rounds or so even with my robf boost, which is as it should be in my mind.

BluBBen May 10 2008 2:32 PM EDT

AA, you gotta think of that the XP trained into AMF or EC only woks against one sort of opponent. Against the other sort, the XP are "wasted".

QBRanger May 10 2008 2:34 PM EDT

I personally believe that AMF and EC are fairly well balanced.

Just my 2 cents.

Cube May 10 2008 2:36 PM EDT

I find them to be more potent support than anything else you could train on an enchanter

Lord Bob May 10 2008 4:01 PM EDT

I think both are fine. If anything, AMF needs a boost after all the tank nerfs we've been getting lately, but I'd rather see it left alone.

Wizard'sFirstRule May 10 2008 6:16 PM EDT

I think the right balance is that on equal XP. A minion training DD should beat one that is split between EC/AMF, and a tank training Hp + str + dx should beat EC + AMF minion. but someone training only EC should beat a tank, and someone training AMF only should beat DD mage. and a split between tank and mage should die to split between EC/AMF.
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