? about the AoL (in General)

QBRanger May 11 2008 12:37 AM EDT

In the initial changelog about the AoL it states:

While your first minion is alive wearing this amulet, it gives a bonus of 1% per enchantment level to the strength, to-hit, and direct damage spells of your other minions.

Now if you have a +200 MH does a +10 AoL give +10 or +20 to hit. Or perhaps more/less (see below).

+20 by taking +200 x 1.10.

If it is the latter, it is a bonus to just your weapon PTH or to your entire CTH (dex plus weapon).

If it is the latter, that would suck vs evasion since +20% to 0 is still 0. No real help vs evasion minions then.

QBRanger May 11 2008 12:38 AM EDT

so a +10 amulet would make a +200 PTH bow = 220? no, it's a flat +1 to to-hit per point

Draco found this post in the initial changelog.

Thread over.
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