RoBF + AoI (in General)

iBananco [Blue Army] May 11 2008 10:58 AM EDT

Why exactly is the RoBF affected by the AoI? It seems to me that it'd be a magical form of targeting, despite the fact that it uses physical damage when calculating AC, which I assume is merely for balance purposes.

QBRanger May 11 2008 11:02 AM EDT

It is a new type of damage.

I guess this new type of damage is effected by the AoI.

TheHatchetman May 11 2008 1:25 PM EDT

heh... funny thing is that the only team my AoI setup hurts me against is AEther... It allows his RoBF to tear through my team while his decay does less and less damage to my MM dude, and by the time he manages to kill it with Decay/AMF (in the 2nd melee round) my Decay dude is missing a large chunk of HP via his own AMF, giving less potential to my GA :P

I still wouldn't have the win, even without the AoI, but I could deal somewhere in the neighborhood of 500k more damage :P

Cube May 11 2008 2:29 PM EDT

I think it's more balanced this way. One can make the RoBF hit their wall, one of the few counters.
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