The perfect 2 minion set-up (in General)

AdminG Beee May 23 2008 7:54 PM EDT

What would yours be? EQ and Xp mix.

Cylo May 23 2008 8:06 PM EDT

perfect 2 minion set up....

Beer Drinker <me>

Beer Buyer <anyone other than me>

Perfect 2 minion set up......

Oh if you are talking about the game. I have no clue :)

AdminQBnovice [Cult of the Valaraukar] May 23 2008 8:08 PM EDT


j'bob May 23 2008 8:11 PM EDT

I'm not sure who this Cylo character is...
now that's a win win set up my friend. :)

Poorage May 26 2008 12:20 AM EDT

mines one with magic missle and one with AS and AM

QBsutekh137 May 26 2008 12:50 AM EDT

Good luck with that. Ranged DD is a joke.

iBananco [Blue Army] May 26 2008 12:53 AM EDT

At least ranged DD functions in both ranged and melee.

lostling May 26 2008 12:54 AM EDT

here :)

QBOddBird May 26 2008 12:55 AM EDT

Obviously, full Wall set on a CoC mage with an AMF/HP/PL ToE minion for the strategic win (damage reduction trumps EVERYTHING)

But more fun is MM mage, Junctioning MM mage, SF

King May 26 2008 1:12 AM EDT

mine would be an evasion/decay wall with a robf and a SoD tank with a small (130ish) evasion and 1.5m in each stat before hiring the decay wall

King May 26 2008 1:17 AM EDT

oh i forgot hoc, EBs and EGs on the wall HoE, TSA(MCM since i could never afford a TSA) EC, EGs, EBs, TGs, AoM and of course a SoD with the possibility of a vorpal blade if a reasonable upgrades could be maintained on 2 weapons.

AdminG Beee May 26 2008 1:20 AM EDT

Oh, Friday night must have been good !

I have absolutely no recolection of creating this thread...

[P]Mitt May 26 2008 2:15 AM EDT

I dunno... I like my setup. Just I need a bigger ToE and bigger DBs and bigger armor. Basically Conundrum, before the third minion, minus the exp dilution in evasion.

AdminQBnovice [Cult of the Valaraukar] May 26 2008 3:27 AM EDT

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