Company trip to Manchester, what to do there... (in Off-topic)

AdminShade May 27 2008 6:58 AM EDT


Next week (June 1st - 6th) I will be in Manchester for a company trip. I'm there 3 days for the company and 1 day for myself.

I bought a nice DSLR camera (Canon EOS 400D) to take some pictures with during sight seeing but I have absolutely no clue as to what to visit in Manchester itself...

So please help me to think of things to do in Manchester while I'm there.
I will be staying in the docks district (Old Wharf?) near some cricket field. I've been told it's also near Manchester stadium but I'm no soccer fan...

QBOddBird May 27 2008 7:03 AM EDT

You don't have to be a soccer fan to streak the field

AdminG Beee May 27 2008 7:03 AM EDT

I'm glad you're not a soccer fan. Don't go to watch Glasgow Rangers play football anyway...

I did less than 2wks ago and YouTube is full of what happened that night...

Other than 90mins of football followed by a run for my life I didn't do much else in Manchester that day so I'll leave it for others to suggest things to do :)

TheHatchetman May 27 2008 9:35 AM EDT

G, I need links, I couldn't find anything but general partying... Unless that's what you were running from? o.O

Zoglog[T] [big bucks] May 27 2008 10:03 AM EDT

there was a mass brawl between the scots and the Manc police, i say the Mancs deserved it G ;P

hzarb May 27 2008 10:19 AM EDT

All trouble of a couple of weeks ago was caused by a handful of drunk Scots..Whilst you're no soccer fan, I'd still suggest you go and see the Man Utd musuem and associated tour.. Manchester itself is not that big and you would ideally be able to move about in the Greater Manchester area.. have a look at:

AdminShade May 28 2008 11:21 AM EDT

Anyone else have ideas or tips?

{cb1}Linguala May 28 2008 11:28 AM EDT

don't they have parachute jumping in Manchester?

Ernest-Scribbler May 28 2008 1:38 PM EDT

I lived in Manchester before i moved to the States:)

I think you are staying around Salford Quays, that would make sense with the proximity to the stadiums. Its quite picturesque around there and is a nice place for some quiet drinks.

The Imperial War Museum North is in the same area and is fairly interesting, but the architecture steals the show.

In the city itself there Is the museum of science and industry which is built where the first ever commuter train station was on Liverpool Street. Less than a block from the St Peters square tram stop is the art gallery, i remember that being pretty good.

For a cool little shopping experience there is a "alternative" shopping center called "afflecks palace" with loads of random little shop, don't worry its not named after ben:P

There are some nice little bars too, though the prices will shock you in comparison. Good things to photograph are a little harder to find than in most English Cities as the IRA bomb did so much damage the center is mostly new. On and around Deansgate which is a major road in the city center are the following things:-

Beetham tower, the first skyscraper outside of London and one of the ugliest buildings i have ever seen.

The John Rylans library has some nice neo-gothic architecture at the front and is a very old building(please ignore the big glass extension at the back)

The Cathedral is very nice, there are better in England but you aren't near any that are are you:P

The Urbis center is some kind of museum and another modern architecheral mess:) thats near Victoria Station. Which is worth a look to.

The old town hall and the Central Libary at St Peters square are pretty cool as well, I hope this all helps you, i loved manchester when i lived there, it pulled through the bombings so well, and developed into so much more than it was before.
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