Bringing back an old idea. (in General)

Drama [Just for fun] June 1 2008 7:59 PM EDT

I saw the regeneration amulet and I was asking myself, would a heal spell be accepted in cb after all this time? I'm pretty sure the answer is still no, but I thought it be great to put back this old idea.

So this is pretty simple, DD called heal or cure or what you want. How does it work? Well I thought of a Chain spreading spell, Chain Lightning :D NO!!! Chain healing sounds better. So the minion with this DD train would cast is spell on the minion with the most %hp lost and then hit other minions with less and less and less effects. The more minions you have, more the total amounts you caster heal is spread. So you could heal your 10/20 hp enchanter for 100k life and your 600k/700k hp tank for 10k :P.

Now the fun part.

First, huge AC and or MS EH wearer would get is healing amount reduced.

Second, "AMF" what could AMF do? Well I got 4 ideas.
1: AMF would reduce the total amount and damage for a % the caster.
2: AMF would reduce the total amount of healing and damage everyone healed for a % of their amount healed.
3: AMF would again reduce the total healing amount and with the % amount blocked would be then heal return to your minion with the lowest min/max hp %. and
4: Would do the same as 3 but it would heal your minions with a chain spread.

Third: GA. Got 3 ideas for that too :P.
1: GA would give your minions an extra healing just like it can hurt you with FB.
2: GA would hurt your minions like FB does.
3: GA would hurt y a % healed the exact opponent minion in the same row your minion is.
Ex1: 4 minions against 4 minions

1 minion healed for 100k -------> 1 minion get hurt for 25k by GA
2 minion healed for 50k --------> 2 minion get hurt for 10k by GA

EX2: 2 minions against 1 minion

1 minion '' '' 100k ------> 1 minion '' '' '' 25k by GA
2 minion '' '' 50K ------> 2 minion does not exist fool.

I personally like that one cause I see good strategy with AoI and get an other good reason for choosing wisely your minions row.

Now this spell could be cast every rounds or every 2 rounds or every rounds starting in melee or every 2 rounds starting in melee.

That is much of it. I can Already see could strat for single junction familiar minions and probably others but I must go soon so I'll post this for now. I'm not asking you make this the next change but It's fun to see if CB changed or if this spell was on the blacklist and will stay on it forever and ever.

Comment it as you wish I'll have fun reading it.

You may say I'm a dreamer
but I'm not the only one
I hope some day you'll join us
And the CB community will live as one :D ( can I get a huge fee for changing these lyrics!!! O.O )

Peace [B-A]K.M.

Drama [Just for fun] June 1 2008 8:00 PM EDT

I did not recheck my text, so maybe there's some errors, I'll check that later.

three4thsforsaken June 1 2008 9:15 PM EDT

we can see what a PL battery can do with "just" 5% healing. It's a nice idea, but overall, the game is already in a defensive trend, and another defensive ability, might create great imbalance.

Drama [Just for fun] June 1 2008 9:32 PM EDT

Last post now and I'm gone. True the games as lots of defensive abilities so what could be done is that AC reduces the amount healed by a lot. What do you think?

QBOddBird June 1 2008 9:45 PM EDT

That's still a problem with ToE, Protection, PL, and all the other forms of protection ;'P

I don't have a problem with another healing item in the game, but the way the game is right now, it would just make it that much more possible to end up healing more than you take in damage.

So it's a potentially good idea for CB, but a terrible idea given the way defensive setups already rule the game.

AdminQBGentlemanLoser [{END}] June 2 2008 3:32 AM EDT

A healing spell suffers from the same problem as dual wielding. It already exists in one form in CB, but not in the exact way as people expect.

AS is in essence a Heal. Except it's cast before the fight starts, and not round to round.

For a DD healing spell to be used, it would either have to heal more than As, making a DM reducable AS redundant, or heal for less, in which case, why not just train AS instead?

iBananco [Blue Army] June 2 2008 4:33 AM EDT

Because a healing spell works far better vs. decay than AS.

AdminQBGentlemanLoser [{END}] June 2 2008 7:48 AM EDT

If that's the only reason, I doubt we'll ever see a healing spell.

The TSA regen is different because it's item and NW based, and not XP based.

Besides, you could always train AMF (or more AMF) to give you a heal versus Decay...

Drama [Just for fun] June 5 2008 11:22 AM EDT

Well GL, there's a huge difference between the DD I mention and AS.

DD counter is AMF.

ED counter is DM.

That's already one big difference in wich minion you are able to beat and wich equipment tattoo you will pick.

My DD spell is stronger when you have less minions.

AS is stronger when you have more minions.

Like JS mentioned decay is stronger against AS then a spell like heal.

AS doesn't get a reduction effect when you wear defensive items and does not react with GA.

My spell does.

TSA only heals a SMALL % of hp trained and the regeneration as nothing to do with the item NW, it works with the exp trained, only good for meat wall or tanks, when my heal isn't a % of the minions hp. Like I said you could heal a 20 hp minion for 100k.

And a TSA can't be wear by a Familiar.

"I don't have a problem with another healing item in the game, but the way the game is right now, it would just make it that much more possible to end up healing more than you take in damage."

If this item is like the TSA, it would be 10 time worst then What I have suggest. Because you can't counter this Item and AC or any other reduction possibility wouldn't reduce the effect of the item.

PL would not absorb others heal.

You can't heal more then you take damage. Why? because of all that I have mention. If you end up healing more then what you take, It's because your opponent has a really bad strat against your or he's lower in mpr.

It's easy to make this spell balance like other damage spells are. I don't understand why when you talk about healing, everybody is scare that you will be healing yourself more then you take. Just make it so you won't.

Like I said this isn't a suggestion for a changemonth, just an Idea to discuss with

QBOddBird June 5 2008 4:29 PM EDT

You don't have to heal more than you take, then. You could heal equal to what you take and it still causes the same stalemate.

Healing all the damage you take is the same as effectively having 477 AC versus physical.

Brakke Bres [Ow man] June 5 2008 5:56 PM EDT

EO has no counter? Should the ED protection do that?
20 protection gives 20% resistance against EO?
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