Recent Battles (in Changelog)

QBJohnnywas June 2 2008 8:14 AM EDT

Looking kind of nice there Jon....

{cb1}Linguala June 2 2008 8:16 AM EDT

yes, very colorful :-)

QBJohnnywas June 2 2008 8:17 AM EDT

I like the way you're incorporating Veri's script. It's nice to be able to do the same things away from my own computer as I can at home.

AdminJonathan June 2 2008 8:41 AM EDT

More of Verifex's work.

Although it looks like i get to fix the links. :)

AdminNightStrike June 2 2008 10:25 AM EDT

The dark red on dark red for visited links is very hard to see: Screenshot

Admindudemus [jabberwocky] June 2 2008 10:27 AM EDT

i see the plus for adding opponents, will we get a minus symbol for removing them as well?

QBJohnnywas June 2 2008 10:39 AM EDT

Personally I don't mind there being no minus function on that page. It would be too easy to accidently remove people. I don't mind accidently adding people, that's easy to fix. But deleting one is a little harder to put right.

Lazy JW.

PeterGriffin June 2 2008 10:50 AM EDT

I liked on the old script being able to add and remove people from the recent battle list. I actually use the remove more than the add.

What would be really cool is if it would be a + to add and - to removed but having them change based on if the opponent was already in your fight list. So for instance if you had Hubbell in your fight list then when you looked at the recent battles it would show him as a - , and if you removed him from your fight list then when you looked at recent battles it would show him as a +.

Sorry I am long winded.

Shadowsparkle [Jago] June 2 2008 10:50 AM EDT

Looks good, but clan links don't seem to work anymore.

PeterGriffin June 2 2008 10:50 AM EDT

Oh and sorry I meant to also say that it looks great, good job guys on the change.

PeterGriffin June 2 2008 10:57 AM EDT

hey also just foud an issue.

if you look at anybody else's 24 hour battle summary, then it shows this at the top, obviously something is a little off with the coding.

<a href=/inspect_opponent.tcl?opponent_id=109>Anbhas</a> has participated in 1426122 battles, of which he won 871672, or 61%.

PeterGriffin June 2 2008 11:00 AM EDT

in addition to my last post I noticed that the < and > are being translated into &lt; and &gt;

AdminJonathan June 2 2008 11:34 AM EDT

fixed clan & peter's links

AdminJonathan June 2 2008 11:36 AM EDT

NS: i imagine setting visited to same as non- for button class would fix that

QBOddBird June 2 2008 11:36 AM EDT

Whoa....didn't notice the thread until I looked at my recent battles and saw tons of pink!!

Cool change, Jon! :)

Eurynome Bartleby [Bartleby's] June 2 2008 12:07 PM EDT

Very nice change.

AdminLamuness June 2 2008 1:06 PM EDT

Jon: The Recent Battles list needs to be tweaked a little bit. All the opponents that I've battled show '+' next to their character's name to allow me to add to the favorite's list. For opponents that are already in the favorite's list, it should show '-' sign instead. Yes, it is understood it will take more processing time on the server side.

However, using the '+' feature handles the "error" gracefully, as it can see that an opponent has already been added in the list. Otherwise, we already have this feature in the Edit... feature.

AdminQBVerifex [Serenity In Chaos] June 2 2008 4:29 PM EDT

It's not a perfect solution to the fight/add links on the recent battles page. I was envisioning a CSS section next to the minion that displayed the links, but I think Lamu would be better versed in that level of magic CSS. :) Any ideas Lamu?

[SIBT]Gardiner Amarth June 2 2008 6:26 PM EDT

Cool features, but a bit hard on the eyes IMO.

Yukk June 2 2008 9:23 PM EDT

The totals don't line up correctly for me. I have "totals" battles won, 432 battles lost, etc. Honestly, I'm not doing that poorly.

Wizard'sFirstRule June 2 2008 9:25 PM EDT


Pheather June 3 2008 6:17 AM EDT

My double taps don't come out right-The second battle appears before the first.

smallpau1 - Go Blues [Lower My Fees] June 3 2008 7:28 AM EDT

AdminShade June 7 2008 7:52 PM EDT

Great improvement, thanks Jonathan and Verifex :)

PeterGriffin June 8 2008 1:54 AM EDT

I have the same issue small has....
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