warrior char (in General)

ThatOneMan June 7 2008 1:24 AM EDT

whats a good 4 man set up for a warrior based group?

i kno i will need str and dex and i will probably have one guy using bloodlust and another one using the vampuric aura thing but i was wonderin if someone could show me to a good 4 man warrior based group.

i always had mage like chars when i played before and i want to try a warrior based group for my NCB or watever that is

btw my main now has some good stuff i can sell if i need money and my storage has bout 1mill on it also

ThatOneMan June 7 2008 1:28 AM EDT

ok maybe not all 4 being tanks but at least one or two to go with my mage ppl

Vaynard [Fees Dirt Cheap] June 7 2008 2:16 AM EDT

Well, the problem with running a tank, or multiple tanks, in a 4 minion group, is your XP is so dilluted your tank(s) will be much smaller than a team focused around a tank. Most likely your ST and DX will be lower than your opponents. Plus the costs to equip, and keep your weapons as large as possible, will be great.

Personally I would recommend either using a ToA to boost one minion and have him be the designated tank, or go with just one tank in a smaller group, maybe 2 minion? Either way your tank will be much larger and more powerful.

Or you could try an enchantment based tank team I suppose. I've always wondered how well it would work if you had all 4 be enchanters, and used probably a RoS so your spells wouldn't be dispelled. Probably RoS on a Haste minion, then have another train AS, another GS, and mainly UC and Prot on the last? That would give you one cheap tank- but you would still have to pay to equip 3 others. If you can afford it, go for it!

ThatOneMan June 7 2008 2:50 AM EDT

how would a 3 minion tank team work or still too much xp bein taken from tank?

[LittleRed]Calynne June 7 2008 3:38 AM EDT

The best strategy will always be to start with one minion, then buy more minions at certain points in your development. This way, the tank will always be the biggest of the minions, and the exp dilution is smaller in the long run.

Draugluin June 7 2008 6:27 AM EDT

Eventually, the exp contained within each minion will always be almost equal. In the long run, it basically does nothing. However, buying minions is an excellent way to make the most exp in the shortest time possible using your N*B. A third more exp is gained, see?

Herbstwind [The Knighthood] June 7 2008 8:12 AM EDT

4 minions using Haste and Giant Strength and all using ranged and melee weapons used to be quite effective to a certain point, but now you will have trouble keeping your weapons big enough to hit something, especially since weapon allowance has been halved and the introduction of encumbrance.

Lord Bob June 7 2008 1:18 PM EDT

Look at my team: it's three enchanters who exist solely to boost up a single AoF tank and weaken opposing minions.

As noted above, your biggest problem running a four minion tank based team is going to be the Weapon Allowance nerf, assuming you have the resources to keep your equipment up to a reasonable level to begin with. After the last change month, the WA is nearly non-existent, and I've been forced to rely on defense and damage reduction rather than my now useless offense to win battles.
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