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TiMMaY June 9 2008 10:01 AM EDT

ok i created a character, and i'm winning most of my fights, but there are a few that i lose... is there a spell or something i could use?

Admindudemus [jabberwocky] June 9 2008 10:47 AM EDT

what is your hp to fb ratio for training xp? at some point you will likely want to throw in dm and perhaps a base protection, but that shouldn't be done for quite a while. all in all you seem to be doing great so far.

i would say around 1m mpr bring protection to an effect of 20. i am not real sure on when ya should add dm though.

QBRanger June 9 2008 10:55 AM EDT

get rid of the steel brig. No armor is better than that.

Most people use a ratio of 3-4:1 of FB : HP.

When your challenge bonus gets below 100%, then think about adding a small protection (about 54k levels) and some DM.

When your able, get a set of Noldorian Spellcasters for your mage and get yourself a Rune of Enlightenment to max your xp gain.

In time, get a decent tattoo or familiar to use. But that will be a month or so away. You will learn the game much better by then and hopefully be able to make better decisions.

TiMMaY June 9 2008 12:10 PM EDT

i am training 1/2 HP Max FB... FB is just a hair larger than my hp

QBOddBird June 9 2008 12:43 PM EDT

FB generally oughta be much bigger, since it is a ranged killer attack. :)

TiMMaY June 9 2008 12:52 PM EDT

so like 1/3 or 1/4 HP?
max FB

QBOddBird June 9 2008 12:55 PM EDT

That is what most do....I usually go for about 1/3 HP max FB, which gives you 2x your HP in FB. Other players often suggest the 1/4, Max route.

Really though, if you turn your play-by-play battles on, you can just watch the battles and determine when you need more HP, more FB, more DM, whatever.

Wizard'sFirstRule June 9 2008 7:58 PM EDT

one thing I do notice is that your score = PR. It means that you are getting roughly 0% challenge bonus. Single fireball minion should allow you to fight a little higher for 100% CB.

Wizard'sFirstRule June 9 2008 7:58 PM EDT

1 thing tho. remember to inspect your opponent before you fight.
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