Silvagaiden///WarMaiden multis? (in Public Record)

Frost June 18 2008 1:53 PM EDT

they share another IP plus Silva admited to haveing another multi

War Maiden (Bleys) auctioneer (blacksmith) $18616 Jun 2
War Maiden (Bleys) lostling (The Fallen) $1000 (rent 916054) Jun 2
War Maiden (Bleys) auctioneer (blacksmith) $1397 Jun 2
War Maiden (Bleys) auctioneer (blacksmith) $2794 Jun 2
War Maiden (Bleys) auctioneer (blacksmith) $1397 Jun 2
War Maiden (Bleys) auctioneer (blacksmith) $2794 Jun 2
[CB2]SilvaGaidin (Evafer) War Maiden (Bleys) $99000 Jun 2
[CB2]SilvaGaidin (Evafer) auctioneer (auctioneer) $secret (bid 114195) May 29
War Maiden (hey hey hey) [CB2]SilvaGaidin (Evafer) $10206 May 29
War Maiden (The New BluBB) [CB2]SilvaGaidin (Evafer) $280000 May 29
War Maiden (CBWinner) [CB2]SilvaGaidin (Evafer) $16886 May 29

Draugluin June 18 2008 1:55 PM EDT

Uh, War Maiden sold her character to SilvaGaidin. Additionally, SilvaGaidin has a multi FBaccount. Which is legal, isn't it?

Frost June 18 2008 2:01 PM EDT

READ the dates this is in MAY he didnt "sell" the char to himself till june 17

Frost June 18 2008 2:02 PM EDT

and No you cant have a Face book account and a regular account only 1 account per user

Brakke Bres [Ow man] June 18 2008 2:02 PM EDT

Frost you kinda want to ask an admin before you post something like this.

If you sell a character ALL the logs from that character move too.

Draugluin June 18 2008 2:02 PM EDT

Yes,yes. But don't all Evafer transactions now list under SilvaGaidin?

Brakke Bres [Ow man] June 18 2008 2:03 PM EDT

And I have a FB account on CB perfectly legal and all (not that I play with that account)

AdminQBnovice [Cult of the Valaraukar] June 18 2008 2:03 PM EDT

exactly... that xfer is from WM to WM... as the char it was xfered from was hers... logs follow chars...

Frost June 18 2008 2:07 PM EDT

When was haveing a FB account and a regular account legal? When was haveing 2 accounts legal?

Draugluin June 18 2008 2:08 PM EDT

Since they were created to test the system, and since jon decided to simply let the system's auto-delete them, and that did not happen for whatever reason, and now will never happen. I guess they can't really do anything about it.

QBOddBird June 18 2008 2:09 PM EDT

Frost: That was during the Facebook test phase.

This is an excellent example of why multi hunting should be left to the admins, and if you have suspicions, just CM them instead of trying to drag the names of others through the mud.

{cb2}ShadeSlayer June 18 2008 2:16 PM EDT

Firstly, i'm not stupid enough to create a multi account, or even think of it.

Secondly maybe you should think to use WhoIs before making an [admin edit]: non pg (if you're not sure if its pg or not err on the side of caution and don't post it)

He has Comcast, and I have Suddenlink :)

And i sold him my character today, all previous xfers go with the character when you sell them.

Thanks for trying :)

Frost June 18 2008 2:20 PM EDT

thats not pg and you know that.

AdminQBnovice [Cult of the Valaraukar] June 18 2008 2:23 PM EDT

dude... chill... out...

N0seBLeeD June 18 2008 2:25 PM EDT

It's not pg to say assume?

assume. :)

{cb2}ShadeSlayer June 18 2008 2:26 PM EDT

I apologize for my comment, but please do some research first before making accusations :)

Admins i will gladly pay the fee :)

j'bob June 18 2008 2:47 PM EDT

I think its great that people keep an eye on the community in general, helps keep us all honest.
I do NOT think it should be allowable for members in general to make "multi" threads. CM an admin and it'll get looked at. I've done it. And if nothing comes of it (as in the observation I made) that means there was no multi-ing going on and you'll (I WAS) be very glad you didn't attempt to "out" someone who's doing nothing wrong.

FailBoat[SG] [Forever Alone] June 18 2008 3:13 PM EDT

Nub. That is all.

[P]Mitt June 18 2008 3:47 PM EDT

Frost, chill.

I find that when it comes to multis, it is much easier to CM an admin than post it on the forums, because 9 times out of 10, you're going to look like a fool.

I have a FB account as well: Mitt's FB account. Check it out.

Jon hasn't gotten around to purging all of them yet.

Xenko June 18 2008 3:53 PM EDT

Jon should institute a fine for posting any sort of cheating/multi-ing accusation in a public forum.

You should PM/CM an admin with any accusations and let them investigate.

[RX3]Cotillion June 18 2008 7:30 PM EDT

Xenko, 3:53 PM EDT [collapse]
Jon should institute a fine for posting any sort of cheating/multi-ing accusation in a public forum.


8DEOTWP June 18 2008 7:40 PM EDT

"Subject: Silvagaiden///WarMaiden multis?"
He did use a question mark.

j'bob June 18 2008 8:02 PM EDT

j'bob, total idiot?
i used a question mark, but i still don't like the way that reads :D

lostling June 18 2008 8:04 PM EDT

CM the admins if you have a query... can an admin please close this ?

{cb2}ShadeSlayer June 18 2008 10:05 PM EDT


N0seBLeeD June 18 2008 10:07 PM EDT

I disagree. The public deserves to know about Multis and accusations, it just would have been better if he researched and asked around a bit more :p

{cb2}ShadeSlayer June 18 2008 10:14 PM EDT

Yes but all we are doing is beating a dead horse, it's dead leave it be.

QBOddBird June 18 2008 11:34 PM EDT

"The public deserves to know about Multis and accusations"

I hereby accuse N0SeBLeeD of being a multi. Please ban him at your earliest convenience. I have no evidence, but am certain the admins can come up with some.

N0seBLeeD June 18 2008 11:35 PM EDT

[Edit: non pg - fine 50k] :(

QBOddBird June 18 2008 11:41 PM EDT

Is that the name of your multi?? I'm making a thread!

AdminShade June 19 2008 1:00 AM EDT

Why don't people learn and stick to the PG rules when even reminded to them in the thread they post in?

Fined N0seBLeeD 50k for his remark.

Flamey June 19 2008 1:23 AM EDT

the idiocy of this thread amazes me.

Colonel Custard [The Knighthood] June 19 2008 2:25 AM EDT

Fer Rizzle.

Ernest-Scribbler June 19 2008 2:31 AM EDT

I feel good about myself right now. I can safely say i would not have said 85% of what people have wasted there time saying here. I'm a big boy now!

smallpau1 - Go Blues [Lower My Fees] June 19 2008 2:47 AM EDT


Khardin June 19 2008 2:56 AM EDT

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AdminG Beee June 19 2008 4:03 AM EDT

Poor Frost, beaten up by the community for simply trying to help...

For as long as I can remember (been here more than 5 years now), there's been an entry in the Official FAQ which can be found under the Help section.

I have no problems with either getting a CM direct or reading a PR thread. I also don't understand why the community would have a problem with PR threads either...
People discussing multi's in PR (provided it's done in a responsible manner) isn't a bad thing imo.
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