FB account and regular Account (in General)

Frost June 18 2008 2:10 PM EDT

When and where did Jon Say it was ok to make a FB account and a regular account. When was it ok to have 2 accounts at any time?

Frost June 18 2008 2:11 PM EDT

there was no facebook test phase i was here when facebook was going in i got a tshirt

Shapoopie June 18 2008 2:12 PM EDT

I think someone answered that in the prior post.

Blarg June 18 2008 2:15 PM EDT

When it was initially introduced, Jon allowed most people to create a new facebook account, to test for any bugs and whatnot. I believe it was understood that those accounts would be for testing purposes only and would not be actively used.

QBOddBird June 18 2008 2:15 PM EDT

Frost, you are making a fool of yourself. Leave the multi hunting to the admins.

For your viewing pleasure concerning Facebook testing:

Thread 1
Thread 2
Thread 3

Some facebook test accounts have not yet been deleted, and thus they are multiple accounts belonging to the same user - hence the term "FB multi."

Frost June 18 2008 2:15 PM EDT

Nowhere do i see Jon telling people to go make a facebook account

Frost June 18 2008 2:16 PM EDT

nvm i guess its there

QBJohnnywas June 18 2008 2:16 PM EDT

"AdminJonathan, January 16 12:22 AM EST [collapse]

You can now add CB as a facebook app here.

"very beta" means I'm aware there are fairly serious problems, such as the fight page looking even uglier than usual in the constricted width fb imposes, and no way to associate an existing cb account with your fb account.

go ahead and test it out if you're curious. just post your fb-cb username in this thread and we'll merge them or throw them away when you're done testing. "

Right at the top of the first thread.
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