What's YOUR Unarmed Combat level? (in General)

Colonel Custard June 20 2008 11:21 PM EDT

I was talking to PotatoHead and editing the wiki just now, and I found out that the supposedly exact wiki values listed for UC are inaccurate. PotatoHead, for example, has a UC level of 925,318, but only an effect of (67), while the wiki contends that he should be at (71).

I'm not blaming or criticizing anyone, and I know that NightStrike, among others, worked very hard to get those values, and those for Evasion. I am, however, aware that the values changed with the XP rescale last December and possibly other things that have happened since then.

So, I'm asking this. I've already added my values to the wiki (though not exact, they help, because they weren't there before), and now I'm asking for yours. While we're at it, we may as well compile a list of Evasion levels vs. effects, so we can correct those too, as they presumably were messed up by the same event.

I've also edited the UC information on the skills page a little, to reflect what we now know, per Jon's explanations in my other thread.

Come on you guys!

th00p June 20 2008 11:46 PM EDT

Before: 264,432 (26) ---> should be (26) ----> O.K.
After: 656,139 (53) ---> should be (55) ---> NOT O.K.

I've noticed the evasion also lags behind, by a point or two.

Jon! Help!

AdminNightStrike June 21 2008 12:10 AM EDT

I verified every value to be dead on exact, plus or minus *zero*. They, along with Evasion, are all wrong now.

I would recommend my method to anyone wanting to run the search again. I would also recommend waiting until the end of changemonth. Things are very unstable right now, and you don't want to do what I did and have all of your work wasted.

Colonel Custard June 21 2008 1:15 AM EDT

Yes. Jon, could you give us somewhere to start?

1. Did an intentional change in the formula for UC or Evasion level:effect ratio happen during the rescale?
2. If not, are effect levels based on total XP spent, rather than on level (therefore the increasing-cost experience values would be further off)?

[RX3]Cotillion June 21 2008 2:26 AM EDT

I did a crap load of values in the wiki for UC effects TWO days before xp was changed to 12 per level. Didn't feel like doing it over.

[RX3]Cotillion June 21 2008 2:29 AM EDT

Revision at Dec 4 2007 by [RX3]Entreri comment: Added levels 7-136, 138 & 141 to UC.

The not-so-great rescale of 2008 by Jonathan at Dec 5 2007 (105 replies)

th00p June 21 2008 12:09 PM EDT

Update: I've just made it to...

(27) ---> lvl 277,082 ---> current table puts this lvl at (27) ---> Great!
(57) ---> lvl 727,966 ---> current table puts this lvl at (60) ---> Booo!

Colonel Custard June 21 2008 8:14 PM EDT

Thanks for the additional info, th00p.

I'm not sure what NightStrike's method was, but if it involves untraining all the EXP on a character and retraining it one point at a time all into UC and seeing when the effect changes, I'm not using my character for it. If someone wants to donate an old character before a new NCB run, that would be great; I'd gladly spend my time doing the testing, I just don't want to ruin my character.

Anyway, since we currently are not undergoing testing that yields exact values, I figure we could start with approximate data ranges. I added around 60 values to wiki between 164 and 265, which I got from equipping/unequipping different boosting and penalizing armors. I've found that, throughout this range, it takes between about 90,000 level on the low end, and 120,000 levels on the high end to add a single level of effectiveness. If everyone who wants to contribute data to this project would find some time to just unequip some boosting equips one at a time and record different data, and maybe throw on some leathers (all leathers give a -5 UC penalty, I believe) and submit data to this thread, it would help greatly to make some benchmark points from which further testing can occur.

I'm thinking this could help so that, if it turns out that NS's advice is to basically use all the XP available and train it one by one, we can have approximate values to go off of to speed up testing.

Colonel Custard June 29 2008 1:31 PM EDT

Free retrain w00t!

I don't have much time, and can't input these values in the wiki at this moment for the same reason that I cannot test for higher values right now. I will come back to it, but here are 0-60, in case anyone wants to update the wiki:

(60) 784,437
(59) 765,354
(58) 746,524
(57) 727,945
(56) 709,615
(55) 691,531
(54) 673,691
(53) 656,093
(52) 638,735
(51) 621,615
(50) 604,730
(49) 588,078
(48) 571,657
(47) 555,464
(46) 539,497
(45) 523,754
(44) 508,232
(43) 492,928
(42) 477,841
(41) 462,967
(40) 448,305
(39) 433,851
(38) 419,603
(37) 405,559
(36) 391,716
(35) 378,071
(34) 364,621
(33) 351,364
(32) 338,296
(31) 325,415
(30) 312,718
(29) 300,202
(28) 287,864
(27) 275,701
(26) 263,710
(25) 251,888
(24) 240,232
(23) 228,738
(22) 217,403
(21) 206,223
(20) 195,195
(19) 184,316
(18) 173,582
(17) 162,989
(16) 152,533
(15) 142,210
(14) 132,016
(13) 121,947
(12) 111,998
(11) 102,165
(10) 92,443
(9) 82,828
(8) 73,314
(7) 63,895
(6) 54,566
(5) 45,321
(4) 36,153
(3) 27,054
(2) 18,016
(1) 9,030
(0) 27

If I've got time, I may try testing Evasion levels, too, as long as I can just fix my character afterwards.
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