Goal 1 Complete - The 7-digit MPR (in General)

Suqataqus June 23 2008 10:31 AM EDT

Score / PR / MPR: 2,210,361 / 1,134,359 / 1,001,448

Just hit 1m MPR today, very excited that I finally joined the 7-digit club :).

However, now I seem to be noticing this wall I heard about where you can't keep up a solid 100% challenge bonus. Every team 2.2m+ in score seems to be significantly higher MPR/PR than me, or has an evasion so high that even +109 on my SoD with a BoF/AoL on my front minion can't land a hit (although the front minion is currently being fried by magic, but my future PL minion should correct that).

I originally planned on going BoTH for melee, so I would not receive much penalty in DX and keep my MgS, compared to the Morg. Is this viable, or should I go for the higher damage output of Morg, knowing that evasion is currently making it impossible to hit many targets?

Second question for any tanks out there: Weapon Allowance. Will this start going up at a decent rate, because currently I can't even equip a 10m NW morg without jumping up in PR a lot, and at 10m, it just doesn't have enough + to land a hit.

QBRanger June 23 2008 10:37 AM EDT

Goal 2- 8-digit MPR?

Congrats though.

QBOddBird June 23 2008 10:40 AM EDT

He's 1/10 of the way to it Ranger ;)

I'd say BoTH, because even though the Morg can put out more damage, there are PTH-boosting items for bladed weapons. That'll help with the WA war as well.

Suqataqus June 23 2008 10:41 AM EDT

I think 8 digits is a bit much :), but 2m isn't too far away I hope. Then again, right now I'd settle for finding a way to get some new people on my fight list.

Suqataqus June 23 2008 10:46 AM EDT

That was my plan originally Pheasant, to get a MenC and BoTH, and hopefully get into melee with a good chance at landing hits. Still working on a MenC (Central Bank stole my last one even though I bid more than the past few auctions had sold for).

Between BoF/AoL/MenC, I'm hoping to be able to land some hits without pumping most my WA into the + on the sword. My only concern is that the 1h sword might not be large enough to kill them before I drop dead.
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