Strategy Question (in General)

FuriousHobo June 24 2008 10:51 PM EDT

Okay, there are a few questions I know many of you can answer about my character, The Guesstimator. As you can see, i tried to change Atomic Boy's strat a bit.

First, i would like to ask, for my wall, what weapon should i add to it? I have a SoC i could use with my wall, maybe absorb some dmg and deal it out with an MH? Also, my ranged, Axbow, Exbow, Msk, or SoD?

Secondly, Gun loaned me a RoBF and it didnt help much but he said it might. I was thinking it maybe was something to deal with which minion i put it on?

Thirdly, to counter tanks, what should i do with this strat? i almost always lose to tanks and so I am thinking of maybe adding an Evasion minion or putting more of my exp on evasion in my mage. I know i am low MPR compared to the ppl farming me but i am just trying to think ahead.

Lastly, what if i completely change my strat into OB's favorite. Junction HF and a second MM minion with an enchanter. Or in my mind, maybe do AA's strat where i change my wall into a Tank.

I know this is a lot to answer but i would hope for the friendly CB community to help me out a bit. Thanks for all your suggestions. :)

~Got BooB (BooB_Ear)

QBRanger June 24 2008 11:33 PM EDT

1) For your first minion, use a MS if you fight a bunch of tanks. Use a MgS if you fight a lot of FB/CoC mages.

2) Depending on the amount of evasion your mage has, it perhaps should be in front and the back minion be the wall with a MgS.

3) Your not set up to use a RBF effectively. On the Wall you cannot use the MgS and/or armor. On the mage and you cannot use the COI and if AMF backlash kill you, the RBF goes away. The last minion has too few hp to live long enough vs mages to have the RBF work.

4) I personally dislike combining mages and tanks. Pick one of the two and use the other minions to boost that minion or keep it alive longer. Junction/HF is quite nice, especially if you want to use high DBs to keep it alive vs tanks.

But that is my view on strategy for your character.

QBOddBird June 25 2008 1:28 AM EDT

TBH with you, the idea I like best for the wall if using SoC would be MoD and Bloodlust. Maximum damage possible from it for a round, using that AC to reduce GA backlash and to keep damage taken to a more manageable amount.

Honestly, I wouldn't suggest a RoBF for a multi-minion strat, simply because the tattoo is tailored towards smaller-minion number teams. At least, this is my view about how the tattoo is titrated.

To counter tanks, one potential suggestion is to buff the AC on the wall while removing CML for DBs. One hit per round for 100k is better than 4 hits per round for 40k. The alternative, especially with reduced Adam penalties, is to put some Evasion on there - but I don't particularly care to give up EXP that could go into HP for a wall.

And YES, definitely change to my favorite. Junction a HF on an enchanter with AS and EC, put the enchanter in front (HF will spawn behind) and the MM mage in back. Use the Junction to its maximum potential - with EC and DBs, Hal is rather difficult to hit and has the DX to hit back - and buff the mage with a TSA, NSC, SB, and a CoI. The more I think about the strategy, the better it sounds to me. :)

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