Make me an Armor Themed Farm! (in Contests)

AdminShade June 25 2008 3:14 PM EDT

I recently renamed one of my spare characters, otherwise mentioned as being a farm.

The character can be inspected here and has the theme of 4 of my characters I play with on Guild Wars.

Spells and skills are not of your worry this time, I'm looking for something far more challenging!

I want you to think of and make me a 4 minion matching armor theme.
You have to use common (i.e. store bought) and common armor only!
All minions have Weapons equipped which are pretty much final. You have to take into account that 1 of the minions will be using a Tattoo.
2 minions will be semi Fighterish while the other 2 will be Mage/Enchanter, this could help you in finding matching armors...
The order of the minions however doesn't matter, that's my job to figure out ;)

And now for the best part: Winner gets $250,000 as a reward.

notice: if any thoughts pop in my head, I could change the rules and / or details.

INDColtsFan18 June 25 2008 5:50 PM EDT

1 (Heavy Fighter):
Fluted Steel Cuirass [29]
Robe [2]
Steel-shod Boots [10]
Cesti [5]
Armet [6]
Tower Shield [17]

2 (Light Fighter):
Steel Brigandine [18]
Cloak [1]
Greaves [6]
Leather Gauntlets [2]
Cabasset [3]
Kite Shield [13]

3 (Mage/Enchanter):
Hard Leather Armor [6]
Cloak [1]
Leather Boots [4]
Leather Gloves [1]
Hard Leather Cap [2]

Leather Boots [4]
Leather Gloves [1]
Cabasset [3]
Buckler [11]

INDColtsFan18 June 25 2008 5:51 PM EDT

Mine are not in any particular order, i have no idea what order you want the strat. :)

VivaPinata June 25 2008 6:57 PM EDT

Stealing Colts' template, I'm think something along the lines of...

1.) Tank Fighterish:
Elite Kurzick Helm [80]
Elite Kurzick Cuirass (Gladiators) [80]
Elite Kurzick Leggings (Gladiators) [80]
Elite Kurzick Gauntlets (Gladiators) [80]
Elite Kurzick Boots (Gladiators) [80]

2.) More flexible Fighterish:
Elite Kurzick Mask [70]
Elite Kurzick Chest (Druids) [70]
Elite Kurzick Leggings (Druids) [70]
Elite Kurzick Gloves (Druids) [70]
Elite Kurzick Boots (Druids) [70]

3.) Boonish Protish Enchanter:
Elite Cathan Tattoo [60]
Elite Cathan Chest (Acolytes) [60]
Elite Cathan Leggings (Acolytes) [60]
Elite Cathan Gloves (Acolytes) [60]
Elite Cathan Boots (Acolytes) [60]

4.) Mage:
Elite Luxon Eye [60]
Elite Luxon Chest (Tempest) [60]
Elite Luxon Leggings (Tempest) [60]
Elite Luxon Gloves (Tempest) [60]
Elite Luxon Boots (Tempest) [60]

[Theme: Factions Armor]


[Theme: Uniqueness]

1/2.) Fighterish(s): (
Heaume [5]
Double Chain Mail [24]
Leather Gauntlets [2]
Greaves [6]
Cloak [1]
Tower Shield [17]
Arrows [Lots]

3/4.) Mages/Enchanters:
Heaume [5]
Double Chain Mail [24]
Cesti [5]
Steel-shod Boots [10]
Robe [2]
Tower Shield [17]
Arrows [Lots]

Theory: unlike normal teams who try to win some battles, the Uniqueness armor build trys to win no battles! Instead, the build focuses on price and an alternative (more difficult to counter, if it works) strategy. Price is easy. Since nobody buys these overlooked items, they'll come cheap. The armorsmith might even pay you to take them off his hands!

First off, the fighters will use leather gauntlets instead of cestis to have less DX penalty than other tanks who use cestis; having 3 additional AC is not anywhere as good as getting in an additional attack. The rest of the armors are the standardly used armor of people who don't use standard armor.

As for the mages/enchanters, I opted for a more defensive battlemage. What is the use of casting enchantments or DD spells when you're dead? With the new stacked AC, the enchanters and mages can focus purely on their spells and disregard HP, making them easily twice as powerful as any other enchanters/mages at the same level.

Finally about those Double Chain Mails. I know about all those accusations. But before you too join the conformist parade, have you ever thought about who uses chain mail? That's right. Frodo does. Guess who was on the winning side? Guess who never died? That's right, Frodo. Furthermore, have you ever noticed why there is only a Double Chain Mail and not a Triple Chain Mail? To foil Jon's attempts to balance the game, we equip all four minions with Double Chain Mail, allowing them to combine into the invincible Mega-16x Chain Mail-Zord! Then get used to the following:

Double Kill!
Triple Kill!
Killing Spree!
Killing Frenzy!
Holy ****.

VivaPinata June 25 2008 6:59 PM EDT

Oh, and the arrows are for that intimidation factor. Just icing on the cake of ownage.

Unappreciated Misnomer June 25 2008 11:33 PM EDT

lol @ Viva, how long did that take you, <3 it

Daz June 25 2008 11:37 PM EDT

Not sure about the contest, but anyone who wants to can add me on GW. I am 'Jade Statuette' (Jade Statue was taken when I started. I'm going to buy GW2 ASAP and take the name first!)

PearsonTritonRaveshaw June 25 2008 11:54 PM EDT

"have you ever thought about who uses chain mail? That's right. Frodo does."
If you are saying that frodo used a double chain mail, you are mistaken. Frodo actually used a mithril chain mail, which you can see for yourself during the battle with the troll in the dungeon with all those nasty orcs in the first movie (i believe it was the first one).

VivaPinata June 26 2008 12:00 AM EDT

"If you are saying that frodo used a double chain mail, you are mistaken. Frodo actually used a mithril chain mail, which you can see for yourself during the battle with the troll in the dungeon with all those nasty orcs in the first movie (i believe it was the first one)."

Yup. Totally correct, both that Frodo used Mithril Chain Mail and that the fact that the troll battle scene was in the first movie. In fact during my post, I typed in the phrase "Frodo mithril chain mail" to make sure Frodo was the guy who got the armor instead of Gandalf or some random elf princess. But! Since this revelation totally also undermines my entire strategy, we're going to forget your post and this one ever existed. :D

AdminShade June 26 2008 12:18 PM EDT

To be honest, Frodo did use something resembling Double Chain Mail....
However it was an Orcish armor which is about as heavy.

Anyway back to topic please :)
I like both the ideas but I was thinking of a bit more diversity...

VivaPinata June 26 2008 1:24 PM EDT

"I want you to think of and make me a 4 minion matching armor theme."
"I like both the ideas but I was thinking of a bit more diversity..."

What do you mean?

AdminShade June 26 2008 1:30 PM EDT

I meant that every minion could have it's own matching armor... so take your example, you have both tanks with the same armor, be creative ;)

VivaPinata June 26 2008 1:37 PM EDT

Oh, I thought you meant matching as in Paris Hilton's and her dog matching... like generically the same outfits for everybody. Which was why I just gave everybody DCMs. If you just mean "store-bought armor set for 4 minions" why did you refer to it as "matching armor theme?"

AdminShade June 26 2008 2:00 PM EDT

I hoped I wouldn't have to spoil the fun but the matching would be the style...

as in that you shouldn't make a minion wearing both leather gloves and a plat male armor... :)

VivaPinata June 26 2008 2:34 PM EDT

Okay. ;)
I kinda figured it out a few seconds after I posted.

1.) Semi "Wallish Tankish", Semi-Fighterish. The guy who tends to take blunt force trauma from pretty much every weapon in CB, and what armor better to hold against a horde than Spartan armor?!
- Steel Cuirass [25] or Sweaty, Arrow-laced, Man Muscles [0]
- Cloak [1], perferrably red.
- Steel-shod Boots [10] for that extra kicking power
- Gloves are for women in the kitchen.
- Heaume [5] or No Helmet [0] for screenshots
- Buckler [11], the MgS for real Spartans who never once had to counter fireballs.

2.) Semi-Knightish, Semi-Fighterish, just as good as the first but with better equipment to make up for the lack of Spartan.
- Fluted Steel Cuirass [29]
- Cloak [1]
- Steel-shod Boots [10]
- Cesti [5]
- Armet [6]
- Tower Shield [17]

2.) Semi-Archer, Semi-Fighterish.
- Steel Brigandine [18]
- Cloak [1]
- Leather Boots [4]
- Leather Gauntlets [2]
- Cabasset [3]
- Kite Shield [13]

3.) Battle-Mage/Enchanter. Armor + magic = win.
- Steel Brigandine [18]
- Cloak [1]
- Greaves [6]
- Leather Gauntlets [2]
- Cabasset [3]
- Buckler [11]

4.) Hermit-Mage/Enchanter. For the inner shaman/wild child in us all.
- Leather Scale Mail [9], what's awesome and doesn't have scales?
- Robe [1], bonus points if it's made from bear-skin.
- Leather Boots [4]
- Leather Gauntlets [2]
- Hard Leather Cap [2]
- Small Wooden Shield [9]

AdminShade June 29 2008 5:12 AM EDT

Does nobody else want to make some money?

It's $250,000 for just making 4 CB themed minions...

AdminShade July 14 2008 5:49 AM EDT

Due to lack of interest and only 2 people making examples I'm going to see if I can mix them and give both people half of the prize.

Shade (Narn i Chin Hurin) VivaLaVida (Lloviendo) $125000 5:49 AM EDT
Shade (Narn i Chin Hurin) INDColtsFan18 (Colts) $125000 5:49 AM EDT

Conquest July 14 2008 6:09 AM EDT

Wish you had ran the contest another hour or so - I just woke up! =p

AdminShade July 14 2008 7:20 AM EDT

ehm, this contest had been up since June 25th... :p

VivaPinata July 14 2008 11:00 AM EDT

Thanks, Shade :)

Conquest July 14 2008 11:25 AM EDT

"ehm, this contest had been up since June 25th... :p"

You're right =p I never checked the date!

INDColtsFan18 July 14 2008 11:25 AM EDT

Thanks a ton shade, although i am sending part of my prize to viva because he obviously thought his out a lot more and but a lot more effort into his.

INDColtsFan18 (Colts) VivaLaVida (Lloviendo) $25000 -- good job 11:24 AM EDT

VivaPinata July 14 2008 11:37 AM EDT

Thanks, Colt :D
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