1600 BA later and I didn't see the SoC flash once! (in General)

AdminQBGentlemanLoser [{END}] June 26 2008 8:26 AM EDT

LoL! (Well a slight exageration. In the first coupel of BA it flashed for [0] a couple of times...)

It's either magic damage, or people failing to hit my uber 28 Evasion!

Let's hope it gets a little better the bigger I get!

AdminG Beee June 26 2008 8:33 AM EDT

I've heard it said there's not much to see when you flash at the best of times...

Kong Ming June 26 2008 8:34 AM EDT

lol, what's the point of having the SoC when you have evasion? ;)

AdminQBGentlemanLoser [{END}] June 26 2008 8:35 AM EDT

Inherent Evasion from UC only. :(

And UC is a blunt weapon that triggers the SoC.

(And that's true G, but in my defense, it was cold out!)

AdminQBGentlemanLoser [{END}] June 26 2008 8:46 AM EDT

"GentlemanLoser's shield flashes! [43]"

WooT! :D

QBRanger June 26 2008 9:04 AM EDT


Overpowered to say the least.

j'bob June 26 2008 9:06 AM EDT

It took me a minute to realize that Ranger made a funny...
and then I laughed till I cried!

AdminQBGentlemanLoser [{END}] June 26 2008 9:21 AM EDT

I wonder if I can rename my SoC and if it changes the 'flash' message... >;)

Cone of Cold or Blacksword of Nan Elmoth spring to mind. >;)

AdminQBGentlemanLoser [{END}] June 26 2008 10:33 AM EDT

SoC is rubbish! LoL!

It needs buffs, badly!

And needs to be added to the spellchecker...

AdminQBGentlemanLoser [{END}] June 26 2008 10:37 AM EDT

In other news, MGS + ToE Rocks.

I suppose a MGS + RBF would also rock. And both would be Uber with a second minion casting AMF...

QBRanger June 26 2008 10:51 AM EDT

"SoC is rubbish! LoL! "

Another convert!!!

AdminQBGentlemanLoser [{END}] June 26 2008 12:05 PM EDT

Hell yeah! Sign me up to your magazine! :P
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