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QBRanger June 26 2008 9:02 AM EDT

<NightStrike> SK: Rank: 5th out of 28. Current wins: 78. Best streak: 8. Best time: 3.922 secs. WPM: 28.253425. Last Win: 26/06/2008.
<Tchoob> !stat
<NightStrike> Tchoob: Rank: 22nd out of 28. Current wins: 5. Best streak: 1. Best time: 3.171 secs. WPM: 15.137181. Last Win: 26/06/2008.
<Tchoob> ah
<Tchoob> any other commands?
* InebriatedArsonist is needs to kill some time, anyway.
<Tchoob> !commands
<SK> !op banned
<Tchoob> !help
<NightStrike> Commands: !strivia !trivia !hint !join !add !report !ping !version !web !hof !hoftime !hofstreak !hofwpm !records !next !server !champ !repeat !answer !stats !state !enable !disable !themes !words !last !vowels !showteams !roundscores !op !pause !resume !promotion
<NightStrike> !help <command> for specific help. Some commands may be disabled.
<Tchoob> !next
<NightStrike> 15. Who wrote "Wuthering Heights"?
<SK> Emily
<SK> Emily Brontë
<NightStrike> Here's your 1st hint, scrambled: ymlei etborn
<SK> Emily Bronte
<NightStrike> Winner: SK Answer: emily bronte Time: 21.984 Streak: 1 Points: 80 WPM: 6 Rank: 4th Previously: 5th
<NightStrike> Current Round: SK-34 Tchoob-5
<NightStrike> SK has moved up in rank: 4th
<Tchoob> Emily Bronte
<SK> jeez
Draugluin has joined the room.
<NightStrike> 16. What is the traditional trade of aspiring bullfighters?
<SK> Madrid
<NightStrike> Here's your 1st hint, __i_k____n_
<SK> kick no
<NightStrike> Time's up! Nobody got the answer!
<InebriatedArsonist> !answer
<NightStrike> The answer to the last question was: bricklaying
<SK> wow
<InebriatedArsonist> Huh.
(CB1)logan666 left the room.
<NightStrike> 17. Montpelier is the capital of what state?
<SK> Maryland
<SK> Vermont
<NightStrike> Winner: SK Answer: vermont Time: 19.344 Streak: 1 Points: 85 WPM: 4 Rank: 4th
<NightStrike> Current Round: SK-39 Tchoob-5
<NightStrike> Stopping the trivia. !trivia <number> to restart.
<NightStrike> Current champ: .
<SK> !trivia 17
<NightStrike> Starting the trivia. Round of 17 questions. !strivia to stop. Total: 50432
<InebriatedArsonist> Maryland?!
<NightStrike> 1. This large bean shaped lymph gland can expand & contract as needed?
<SK> Lymph Nodes
<SK> Lymph
<NightStrike> Here's your 1st hint, the last character in the answer is: n
<InebriatedArsonist> spleen
<NightStrike> Winner: InebriatedArsonist Answer: the spleen Time: 19.906 Streak: 1 Points: 63 WPM: 6 Rank: 6th
<NightStrike> Current Round: InebriatedArsonist-2
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<NightStrike> 2. What is the principal religion in Romania?
<Tchoob> catholic
<InebriatedArsonist> Transylvania
<SK> Christianity
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<SK> Christian
<NightStrike> Here's your 1st hint, answer space: ________
<King> orthodox
<NightStrike> Winner: King Answer: orthodox Time: 20.375 Streak: 1 Points: 2 WPM: 4 Rank: 27th Previously: 29th
<NightStrike> Current Round: InebriatedArsonist-2 King-2
<NightStrike> King has moved up in rank: 27th
<Tchoob> oh
Fluffy_Bunny has joined the room.
<InebriatedArsonist> Ah, didn't mess anyone up on with that. ;)
<King> mornings and trivia combined are evil
{cb1}smallpau1-101204 has joined the room.
<Tchoob> It's after midday here, so that's not evil :)
<NightStrike> 3. Type of moist aerated Italian bread?
<Zoglog[T]> ciabatta
<NightStrike> Winner: Zoglog[T] Answer: ciabatta Time: 12.859 Streak: 1 Points: 5 WPM: 7 Rank: 22nd Previously: 30th
<NightStrike> Current Round: Zoglog[T]-5 InebriatedArsonist-2 King-2
<NightStrike> Zoglog[T] has moved up in rank: 22nd
<Zoglog[T]> woot!
<SK> !stat
<NightStrike> SK: Rank: 4th out of 30. Current wins: 85. Best streak: 8. Best time: 3.922 secs. WPM: 28.253425. Last Win: 26/06/2008.
<Tchoob> oh, that wasn't that hard
<Zoglog[T]> meh, i'm in the middle of another game right now :P
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<NightStrike> 4. Who is the Barber of Seville?
<NightStrike> Here's your 1st hint, ____r_
<SK> Rossini
<Tchoob> figaro
<NightStrike> Winner: Tchoob Answer: Figaro Time: 37.266 Streak: 1 Points: 7 WPM: 1 Rank: 19th Previously: 22nd
<NightStrike> Current Round: Zoglog[T]-5 InebriatedArsonist-2 King-2 Tchoob-2
<NightStrike> Tchoob has moved up in rank: 19th
<King> seems the NS bot is keeping chat alive
<NightStrike> 5. TV/ Movies: Born Aug 8, 1937, He starred in this movie: Kramer vs. Kramer - 1979?
<SK> Dustin Hoffman
<NightStrike> Winner: SK Answer: dustin hoffman Time: 9.828 Streak: 1 Points: 90 WPM: 17 Rank: 3rd Previously: 4th
<NightStrike> Current Round: SK-5 Zoglog[T]-5 InebriatedArsonist-2 King-2 Tchoob-2
<NightStrike> SK has moved up in rank: 3rd
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<NightStrike> 6. If you were born on 02 December what star sign (Zodiac) would you be?

QBRanger June 26 2008 9:03 AM EDT

While trivia is a great thing, should this not be in another room so those of us wishing to discuss CB can?

I tried to get in a question but it quickly got lost.

And yes, I have chatted with an admin about this and got no answer as to if this is ok for "chat".

Daz June 26 2008 9:14 AM EDT

The problem is when people want to be in both carnage and doing trivia. If I recall, you can't be in 2 rooms at the same time.

Hakai [Aye Phelta Thi] June 26 2008 9:21 AM EDT

I agree with Ranger. I don't even speak when trivia is going on. I don't even watch chat. I can't keep up, and when I don't wish to participate, talking becomes pointless.

The other night, I had to ask the same question 3 times and then PM someone, before finally getting an answer.

As for wanting to be in carnage and play trivia at the same time, that's a decision lots of people have to make when having off conversations. Honestly, when the Wild Guns chatting was predominant, I think we should have been told to make another room as well.

Just my two cents. Also, please forgive me if my thoughts are fragmented or don't make sense. I'm under the influence of cold medicine, and lack of sleep. lol

AdminJonathan June 26 2008 9:52 AM EDT

Either a separate room or designated "trivia times." I don't mind five minute an hour. At least I don't think I would. :)

BluBBen June 26 2008 9:53 AM EDT

I second Jon.

AdminNightStrike June 26 2008 11:58 AM EDT

[10:51] ---- You have been kicked out of carnage by Ranger


AdminNightStrike June 26 2008 12:05 PM EDT

Ranger - I don't see your message in that chat snippet at all... so as far as getting lost............

Also, what your chat snippet also doesn't show is time stamps. I set the question delay to 2 minutes instead of the previous 15 seconds when I was testing (and when Hakai was there).

QBRanger June 26 2008 12:07 PM EDT

Nope NS,

My line in chat was far up there. I did not want to paste 100s of lines. I only C&P the last bit of chat.

And even at 2 min per, it still is quite annoying.

And Jon gave his opinion, case closed.

AdminNightStrike June 26 2008 12:13 PM EDT

>> <King> seems the NS bot is keeping chat alive

Seems like chat was pretty dead at the time, as it is right now......

Shapoopie June 26 2008 12:16 PM EDT

I liked the trivia but would agree that the time between questions should be increased. Long live the trivia!!

winner winner June 26 2008 2:04 PM EDT

There should be a trivia room.

QBRanger June 26 2008 2:23 PM EDT


Jon has spoken,

End of discussion, whether or not chat was dead at the time in irrelevant.

If someone wanted to ask a Q like myself, it gets lost with all the trivia going on.

Shapoopie June 26 2008 2:31 PM EDT

So should we not give a response about our opinion when Jon does a change? I just really liked it and hope a room or something is worked out :)

winner winner June 26 2008 2:34 PM EDT

So we're allowed to have trivia 5 minutes a hour?

Colonel Custard June 26 2008 2:53 PM EDT

In the trivia room:

<[RP08]ColonelCustard> !make questions come faster
<JS> !agreed
<Shapoopie> !thirded

Could we change it back to every 15 seconds if it's going to be in its own room? Sitting there typing every command we can think of and continuall op-banning each other sucks.

Tyriel [123456789] June 26 2008 2:57 PM EDT

I demand a trivia bot that asks CB-related questions every hour.

It can help the new players, and such.

Pretty please, NS? :D

Tchoob June 26 2008 3:12 PM EDT

Now that's a great idea Tyriel!

Shapoopie June 26 2008 3:15 PM EDT

Just wanted to say thanks for the room. And no CC needed as well!
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