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AdminJonathan June 30 2008 11:05 AM EDT


- there's a LOT of background material to read, especially about the deities.
- it's TOUGH. not recommended for "my first roguelike" unless maybe you make up for that with experience in recent-edition D&D, which is a VERY strong influence. In fact I would say it's a lot closer to "text mode NWN" than any other roguelike I've played.
- it's FUN. worth the investment if you can get past the graphics. and if you're on CB you probably can. :)
- the wiki is not linked from the main site that i can see, but it's full of useful stuff, especially and
- beginners kit and maxhp are for wusses, but i did turn out of depth monsters off. also "roguelike" command set is a must if you don't have a numeric keypad.
- the starting room contains 8 potions along the walls: 4 healing, 3 teleport, and 1 see invisible, always in those numbers, so you don't have to waste any drinks identifying them.
- use a teleport potion when you get into trouble; many monsters won't bother tracking you down. the biggest hurdle is getting to level 2, which will about double your stats.
- the mac download is several versions old and hopelessly buggy. i couldn't even create a character w/o crashing. I'm running the PC version in VMware and that's working fine.

good luck!

AdminNightStrike June 30 2008 11:09 AM EDT

The last roguelike I ever played was Angband, and I wasn't really impressed. This one would have to be pretty darned in-depth I think to be at all interesting.

Oh, and....

You use a mac????

AdminJonathan June 30 2008 11:17 AM EDT

Angband is the most boring roguelike IMO, especially the vanilla version.

Yes, I use a mac. My PC laptop couldn't drive a 30" monitor so I let my boss get me a mbp.

Xiaz on Hiatus June 30 2008 11:19 AM EDT

A mac?! By the power of Grayskull...

QBRanger June 30 2008 11:30 AM EDT

Have you tried Ancient Domains of Mystey.

The best most intensive roguelike I have ever seen.

King June 30 2008 11:37 AM EDT

looks interesting i had a good laugh at how all the evils are considered "the most dangerous alignment" in their descriptions.

I liked playing T-O-M-E but since this game has a bard class it has officially become my favourite.(summon monster and perform ftw)

AdminNightStrike June 30 2008 11:55 AM EDT

heh.. so I picked the worst one to start on, eh? Ok, I'll give yours a shot..

AdminNightStrike June 30 2008 12:30 PM EDT

Well, that didn't go well. First, it doesn't include msvcr71.dll... had to "acquire" that. Second, the game doesn't respond to any user input. It just sorta.. locks on the main screen. I'll try again on a "cleaner" computer.

AdminJonathan June 30 2008 12:54 PM EDT

weird. yeah, just works on my vm, which is pretty vanilla XP.
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