Yes or no, darn it? (in General)

BadFish July 14 2008 4:42 PM EDT

Does, or does not, the RoS still protect amf from dispel magic at any effectiveness, or has that feature been completely stripped?

Yukk July 14 2008 5:02 PM EDT

As far as I know, the RoS got a boost to its protection without any caveats during the changemonth.

Tyriel [123456789] July 14 2008 5:25 PM EDT

According to the Wiki (which was edited by Jon during the Changemonth), the RoS does NOT protect your EC & AMF from your own DM.

QBRanger July 14 2008 5:46 PM EDT

Just ask someone who uses a ROS and has DM/AMF.

I think Bartjan does it.

AdminJonathan July 14 2008 7:27 PM EDT

The RoS has _never_ "protected" your own EO at all.

ScY July 14 2008 7:41 PM EDT

This is interesting, because I *used* to be absolutely sure that you could use DM with AMF, with a RoS equipped, ans suffer no penalty to your AMF effect: this is the setup that bart used to have; now he has switched over to AMF/EC. Very interesting...

AdminQBGentlemanLoser [{END}] July 14 2008 8:06 PM EDT


Sign me up for one who was sure the RoS protected your own EO from your own DM.

Mikel July 14 2008 8:45 PM EDT

I'll have to sign onto that list too.
I used to run AMF/DM RoS teams....

BadFish July 14 2008 8:46 PM EDT

Looks like we're all just a bunch of idiots, because my old character ran that strat too. Oh well.

QBRanger July 14 2008 8:57 PM EDT

I am certain it did also.

Remember all those posts saying that you were a fool to run a ROS team without using both AMF and DM?

Even during the first and second free retrains (this last was the 3rd), I used the TA to make a ROS and tried using AMF/DM on my character. During those times I certainly would have noticed my EC or AMF being nerfed by the DM.

With the new upgrade in the ROS to 40%, I think the code got "fixed". To the way Jon intended the ROS to be.

And if the ROS does not give your own AMF/EC protection from your own DM, it is an even more worthless tattoo then I imagined.

I would ask Jon to please reinstate that ability into the ROS since we now see, it is not too powerful an ability.

QBsutekh137 July 14 2008 9:04 PM EDT



Flamey July 14 2008 9:43 PM EDT

What? I've been using a RoS team since I started. It was said that as long as your DM was under the RoS cap, now 40% then your AMF/EC would be unaffected. I was using DM shortly, but then I had to stop because I needed to switch over to a RoE and my AMF/EC was getting owned by ~400k.

Yukk July 14 2008 11:46 PM EDT

Wow. Thanks for setting us straight Jon. Mark me down as yet another that fell for the old DM with the RoS trick.

BadFish July 14 2008 11:50 PM EDT

If anyone is willing, I'd love to see the value in exp of a ToA vs a RoS, since apparently all a RoS does now is train phantom exp into your ED spells, and a ToA trains phantom exp into your strength and dex (as well as applying a plus to hit, but let's not even factor that in right now!)

bartjan July 14 2008 11:51 PM EDT

In play-by-play, my EC is casting at exactly the level it's trained at. So if the RoS is not protecting my EC from my DM, then it's a display bug...

QBsutekh137 July 14 2008 11:52 PM EDT

Muhahahahah! DM is a road of MADNESS! And there are no shortcuts!

Welcome to you're "DOOM!"

BadFish July 14 2008 11:52 PM EDT

Perhaps DM is cast before other EO spells and as such does not affect them, but affects ED spells as it is cast after them? I.E. DM has a slot in prebuffing all to its own?

AdminJonathan July 15 2008 12:18 AM EDT

> In play-by-play, my EC is casting at exactly the level it's trained at.

Yes, you're right. Solitude *does* protect vs your own DM. Sorry for the misinformation.

Obscurans July 15 2008 12:36 AM EDT

... now I need to slowly get the XP for the "appropriate" level of DM

So the RoS gives 1/2-level phantom XP and extra utility of combo EO/DM-ing the other guy's enchantments, value unknown.

ToA gives 5/6-level phantom XP and extra PTH

ToE gives at least 90% of level in phantom HP total (assuming you get one-hit-killed on a 4-minion team); RoS boosting AS with a Corn+10 on 4 minions gives 50%*145%*120%=87% level phantom HP total.

RoBF gives 10% level as evasion, 30% level as damage (converted to SG equivalent is 50.8% level as XP with no boosts possible), and the magic reduction aura is err... I'll say ~15% level as phantom protection levels.

I'd say it's... somewhat balanced from my view, and my really expanded fightlist as UC+RoS/AS/GA/GS/AMF (without Gi/AoF) speaks something

QBRanger July 15 2008 4:02 PM EDT

Well at last we have the answer.

Yes, DM protects your own EO from your own DM.

It also protects your own ED from your opponents DM.

It does nothing to your opponents EO.

It does nothing to your own ED.
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