New Item Request - Complement to Ax and Exbow... (in General)

Last Gasp July 17 2008 5:53 PM EDT

I have a suggestion for a new item... a bow similar to AxBow and ExBow but this bow would reduce SKILL targeting the minion with the highest skill. It would be an interesting counter to a lot of things (Evasion anybody) and would set up some interesting choices.

I have no name as yet.

Warbringer July 17 2008 5:55 PM EDT

You would still have a hard time getting the first hit.

AdminQBnovice [Cult of the Valaraukar] July 17 2008 5:56 PM EDT

I tried this idea a few years ago... the hisses and boos should still be audible if you listen very closely.

The argument was that skills were too important to a team to be negated.

BootyGod July 17 2008 6:52 PM EDT

If THAT was the logic, boo them. Skills are no more important to a team than ST is to a team that uses a tank..


QBRanger July 17 2008 6:53 PM EDT

And you know how I feel about the 1 hit---1 damage--100% strength drain of the exbow.

I think this idea, well intentioned, is not good.

QBRanger July 17 2008 6:57 PM EDT

Although it would be interesting to see how a character that uses a junction familiar does when the junction is leeched.

Or a character dependent on PL does with little or no PL.

Or a wall without his/her Stone Skin.

Or an archer without his archery.


But the problem is that evasion will basically be immune to such a weapon since one cannot hit it to leech.

And UC minions will face a double whammy if one can hit them. They will then have to worry about Exbows and the new Xbow.

iBananco [Blue Army] July 17 2008 7:01 PM EDT

DD-draining crossbow please.

AdminQBnovice [Cult of the Valaraukar] July 17 2008 7:12 PM EDT

at least then DB would have a real point

I think the answer to the one hit nature of specialty bows is simply to take STR and DEX out of the picture. They get 0 hits based on dex, and do damage based only on the x of the weapon.

Last Gasp July 17 2008 7:16 PM EDT

"And you know how I feel about the 1 hit---1 damage--100% strength drain of the exbow."

Who said anything about 1 hit - 1 damage - 100%???

Not me... I think it should drain...

So let's "morph" this into an item that "casts" it's own spell. That gets around the evasion "problem" in that it's "to hit" = 100% but the % drain is a function of the "damage." So you always hit and drain a percentage but you only drain skills. Think about it this way... it casts an aura of "depression" that makes you so depressed your skills don't work as well.

"Crossbow of Depression"

AdminQBnovice [Cult of the Valaraukar] July 17 2008 7:18 PM EDT

Crossbow of depression? Is that what those faeries keep shooting me with in my sleep...

/me ups his db another couple points

Last Gasp July 17 2008 7:21 PM EDT

Or add "Intelligence" as a stat that your skills depend upon... then have this bow drain that.

QBOddBird July 17 2008 11:39 PM EDT

No fair, Gasp, that's a nerf to me :(

lostling July 17 2008 11:40 PM EDT

lol OB... you mean theres something to drain? =x

forktoad July 18 2008 12:13 AM EDT

Totally support that idea.... but with a little modification.
Instead introduce an enchant offense that works on the relative level of the skill trained.

Say 'Depression'....

Drains the level of skill trained based on the difference of the level of the spell and the level of the skill. Something like AMF for DD or DM for ED and EC for tanks. We could have Depression for Skilled minions.
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