A minor improvement suggestion (in General)

forktoad July 18 2008 10:47 AM EDT

Can't the Score/PR/MPR be displayed on the training page?

QBRanger July 18 2008 11:50 AM EDT

It was for a short time, about a week ago.

Most prefer it where it is on the equip page.

I personally would not be adverse to having it both places, but if I had to choose 1, it would be on the equip page.

lostling July 18 2008 12:21 PM EDT

i would just prefer seeing it on the side bar :) solves both problems :)

{cb1}Linguala July 18 2008 12:29 PM EDT

2nd lost on this one...

QBRanger July 18 2008 1:02 PM EDT

That indeed would be the best solution.

forktoad July 19 2008 3:40 AM EDT

Seems to me like the perfect solution....

QBPixel Sage July 19 2008 3:43 AM EDT

Another vote for sidebar.

[LittleRed]Calynne July 19 2008 4:12 AM EDT

Hey, its a good way to use up some of that empty space over there too... :P

QBPixel Sage July 19 2008 5:04 AM EDT

There is one issue with putting it in the sidebar though. As of now, the sidebar is relatively clean. That is, newbies aren't intimidated by it, or at least they shouldn't be. Adding MPR, PR and Score could complicate things for them a bit.

That said, I think the BA text should be Battle Allocation. Though personally I never liked the phrase "Battle Allocation." It isn't terribly descriptive of what it is (also since "battle allocation" is also used for forging).
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