Single SoD minion (in General)

Warbringer July 19 2008 6:30 PM EDT

Would a single SoD minion with evasion be any good?

Sickone July 19 2008 6:35 PM EDT

PandaMan was SoD+UC, which is kind of almost the same thing, and he only hired a second minion a lot later.
Of course, he also had a huge SoD, but, well...

QBRanger July 19 2008 6:42 PM EDT

yes, just need a lot of PTH on the weapon to hit evasion, or try to avoid it altogether.

Also, lots of DM to stop GA from killing ya.

King July 19 2008 8:18 PM EDT

I ran a SoD + Evasion with a ToA before switching to UC it goes pretty well but if you can't win in ranged you're boned. Upgrading 2 weapons to get around that is also really expensive

Warbringer July 19 2008 8:22 PM EDT

Anyone know the base to hit on the SoD, and will using a BoM give me any dex penalties?

[Beo]AggroHippie July 19 2008 8:29 PM EDT

no dx pens from BoM. I'm running one now, seems to work out somewhat well, ToA is kind of needed. I was using ToE for a while, but the + to hit given from the ToA is making me double hit almost all the time against teams that don't have Evasion and hit once per round against those that do. DM is helping a ton also, takes out GA and AS, two things to worry about with the SoD.

Colonel Custard [The Knighthood] July 19 2008 8:42 PM EDT

I would definitely second the ToA suggestion if you want to get max damage out of your single minion, not to mention the PTH boost. Alternatively, you could go EF, so that you have something left if a battle does go to melee.

DM is a must. I put 10% of my MPR into DM for a long time when I was single minion in order to counter GA, and it really wasn't enough after a while. I eventually untrained my DM and added a ToE-wearer for alternate protection.

If you wear a ToA, you could focus less XP into ST and DX, and concentrate mostly on DM, HP, and Evasion. You could do something ridiculous and ambitious like putting 30% of your XP (or something) into DM so that you can take out all the AS teams easily (in addition to the GA-protection it affords you).

Of course, you will be weak to mages if you cannot take them out in ranged. The SoD is powerful, but Evasion affects it, too. Against Evasion mages, all you can really do is have lots of HP, and make sure that no minion with SG actually gets to fire it.

I think that JohnnyWas ran an Evasion/SoD tank back when I started this NCB. It seemed to be working pretty well for him for a while, though I don't know about now.

One thing to watch for is that WA has been lowered since the time that JW ran his character like that. You will either need a series of loaners, a series of insta deals, or to BS your SoD periodically, as you'll have to start out with something small, and you'll really need something big later on.
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