Bot check time limit (in General)

Flamey July 22 2008 2:56 AM EDT

So, I again got suspended as I usually do and I was thinking to myself why is there a limit? I understand 2 minutes should suffice, but many of us who play obviously don't bot but we click "Fight" and then go onto a different tab/window. We come back and think "fiddles!" then proceed to pay a 40k fine.

This isn't quite a complaint, so don't blast me for that. I want to ask, is there a reason as to why there is a time limit? If there was no time limit, a bot would sit there failing, though a normal user who didn't load the full page would come back type it in and continue fighting without a fine. It's purpose as I believe it is to be an anti-cheating device, fair enough. Does it have to be a stupidity tax for those like me that leave the computer, change tab etc?

If there's a reason, fair enough, can someone enlighten me? I'm just curious is all.

Daz July 22 2008 3:07 AM EDT

With no time limit, you could have a bot that does nothing but fight, and come back and check on it every half hour... every hour, etc.

Flamey July 22 2008 3:30 AM EDT

Though, with no time limit you wouldn't fight until you were at the computer, so if you had to keep coming back, then its serving its purpose.

Draugluin July 22 2008 4:04 AM EDT

Not quite. You would still be able to fight more than a person who spent exactly the same amount of time at the computer. ie, one who clicks once, walks off for several minutes, and comes back to click once more, and walk off again.

j'bob July 22 2008 7:46 AM EDT

I made a similar post not long ago. I do agree that there should be a time limit... I also believe it could stand to be just a few minutes longer. 5 minutes would prolly be enough to let the casual browser go to another page, look around, think to his or her self.. my that hatchet is crazy, and still make it back to see...OH a bot check.
It would also be long enough to keep me from missing them on my phone when I'm in a not so stellar reception area... (or in the car).

King July 22 2008 9:39 AM EDT

i've changed tabs/windows before and failed a check but i believe thats the users fault for clicking fight and leaving the screen since you know there's a chance of the check coming up,
I wouldn't mind seeing it increased to 3 minutes but what you're suggesting would either increase the number of botchecks received or have people setting up a bot to come on 4 hours after they're asleep to come on burn as much ba as possible then sit at the check until morning.

GnuUzir July 22 2008 10:38 AM EDT

2 minutes gives me enough time to restart my I think that is plenty of time =P

QBRanger July 22 2008 10:41 AM EDT

I have an older computer and 2 min is far from enough time for me to restart if there is a problem.

I would love to see 5 min as the default.

j'bob July 22 2008 10:48 AM EDT

GnuUzir, 10:38 AM EDT
2 minutes gives me enough time to restart my I think that is plenty of time =P

LOL I can't even restart my MONITOR in two minutes!!!
5 minutes FTW!
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