Completely anti-tank? (in General)

ResistanZ2 [The Knighthood] July 22 2008 4:22 PM EDT

I was thinking about moving away from the MM/SF combination and going completely anti-tank. I've untrained most of my MM leaving only a small one to deal with little minions and put most of that exp into HP/evasion.

Instead of my MM mage I've turned the SF into an EF and it has become my main damage dealer. The only problem so far is my EF is way below my MTL so it's not doing as much damage as it should.

Anyway, does anyone have any suggestions on how I could tweak this strategy to make it better? I get a 184 effect of evasion as it is now, and have roughly 2m HP. The MM is only at like 800k.

VivaPinata July 22 2008 4:30 PM EDT

EC to replace AMF?

ResistanZ2 [The Knighthood] July 22 2008 4:31 PM EDT

Antimagic Field 37,083 40,751

Just a small AMF to take care of small decays. An EC that big won't make a difference.

TheHatchetman July 22 2008 5:23 PM EDT

AS+GA+kill slots+MM pwns tanks... and just about all single minions :P

ResistanZ2 [The Knighthood] July 22 2008 5:28 PM EDT

I was thinking with a high enough evasion I'd be unhittable. And all that extra HP just in case. And I really like SG, so I wanna use my EF.

Lord Bob July 22 2008 6:09 PM EDT

"I was thinking with a high enough evasion I'd be unhittable."

You would be right.

PearsonTritonRaveshaw July 22 2008 6:14 PM EDT

/me spanks Joker for liking SG.... o.O

QBRanger July 22 2008 6:38 PM EDT

Why go anti-tank?

There are less and less of us out there. Best bet is to go anti-mage with tons of AMF and a mage wall.

VivaPinata July 22 2008 6:47 PM EDT

He's catching all the new tanks when everybody else goes anti-mage :P

ResistanZ2 [The Knighthood] July 23 2008 12:28 PM EDT

I guess no one has suggestions?

Tchoob July 23 2008 6:18 PM EDT

If you want to go anti-tank, do Evasion + RoBF.

I hate myself for even suggesting this, as it is the ultimate anti-my-team strategy.

winner winner July 23 2008 6:30 PM EDT

insta up your EF

Cube July 23 2008 9:10 PM EDT

Why not RoBF?

ResistanZ2 [The Knighthood] July 23 2008 9:20 PM EDT

RoBF on the evasion minion or on the enchanter? If I did go RoBF I probably won't need AS then.

QBsutekh137 July 23 2008 9:53 PM EDT

Then that's good, right? See, you are getting advice after all!

ResistanZ2 [The Knighthood] July 23 2008 10:34 PM EDT

Yeah. But that doesn't answer anything though. XD

QBsutekh137 July 23 2008 10:35 PM EDT

There are no answers, that's why it's a fun game, overall.

Shapoopie July 23 2008 10:37 PM EDT

And I think with all the talk over the past couple of months about how Evasion is so deadly for tanks, I think what Tchoob said is basically what you need. And yes, that is advice.

Dark Dreky July 24 2008 8:58 AM EDT

Anti-tank seems to be working well for my latest NCB (I only chose this route due to lack of gear and funds...) With the abundance of single-ToA archers (still!) and a new wave of Halidon Familiar teams, RoBF and Evasion is working wonders!

My setup at around 1.25m MPR looks like this. Notice the lack of HP due to the fact that I do not get hit very much by physical damage.

Hit Points 600,000
Evasion 4,582,000 2,900,000 196 163
Antimagic Field 1,500,000 1,500,000 ?

I have been able to keep a very high challenge bonus (80-100%) for the entirety of my NCB thus far. My next test will be the SFBM... though something tells me RoBF is more effective at being anti-tank.

ResistanZ2 [The Knighthood] July 25 2008 10:07 AM EDT

OK. JUst changed to it. I seem to be able to at least keep everyone on my fight list, as well as add a person. This is sweet. If only I had a bigger RoBF though..

stevebat July 25 2008 11:37 AM EDT

get some dbs my friend

ResistanZ2 [The Knighthood] July 25 2008 11:45 AM EDT

I don't have enough money to get really big DBs. The EBs I have now are boosting my evasion by a lot, so they're more useful at the moment.
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