Score drop? (in General)

QBRanger July 23 2008 5:18 PM EDT

Koyaanisqatsi (6,524,299)
King of Pain (5,366,704)
Oxcha (5,115,406)
Edyit (5,059,144)
FTW (5,004,707)

On the Top score overview under character standings.

King of Pain (5366704)
Koyaanisqatsi (5309884)
FTW (5058686)
Edyit (5004930)

Upon viewing the page.

I have no loss, draw or stalemate.

Can anyone figure out why I lost over 1M score?

AdminQBnovice [Cult of the Valaraukar] July 23 2008 5:20 PM EDT

It's karmic retribution for poking ducks with coat hangers

QBRanger July 23 2008 5:22 PM EDT

But they taste so good that way.


But really, any idea why my score dropped 1M, to even below King of Pain's without any obvious reason?

AdminQBGentlemanLoser [{END}] July 23 2008 5:34 PM EDT

Did you unlearn anything? That causes your score to plummet.

QBRanger July 23 2008 5:36 PM EDT

I unlearned a base decay on one enchanter.

Is that enough to lose 1M score? If so that stinks to high heaven.

Little Anthony July 23 2008 5:37 PM EDT

i have been farming you :P sorry about that/

QBJohnnywas July 23 2008 5:40 PM EDT

Unlearning a base decay lost me nearly 800k score earlier today.

AdminQBGentlemanLoser [{END}] July 23 2008 5:40 PM EDT

It's silly. I unlearned a base EC and it halved my score. :/

Jon, can we change this?

BadFish July 23 2008 5:42 PM EDT

It seems to be an excellent way to prevent your score from inflating too early. Otherwise I see no reason to lose such a large amount of score from unlearning.

QBJohnnywas July 23 2008 5:42 PM EDT

From another post about this kind of thing earlier today:

AdminJonathan, 12:01 PM EDT [collapse]
it's working as designed, but the design is not very sophisticated :)

QBRanger July 23 2008 6:02 PM EDT

If JW is right, that really sucks.

You play hard to get a nice score and a simple thing ruins it.

Little Anthony July 23 2008 6:05 PM EDT

i wonder how much score will drop from a double tap.

winner winner July 23 2008 6:05 PM EDT

yeah, this really stinks in score tournaments. :(

Conquest July 23 2008 6:06 PM EDT

Aye, I dropped from 170k to ~100k the other day after untraining my UC back to base.

superior me July 23 2008 7:05 PM EDT

its been happening for a while when ever i untrained anything it was knocking my score down a fair bit. Its been happening since i started, well for me anyway

Tyriel [123456789] July 23 2008 7:13 PM EDT

I'm guessing that the increase in score loss when retraining is Jon's way of keeping in check the increased scores.

After all, we can't have *everybody* getting 100% challenge bonus.

Little Anthony July 23 2008 7:24 PM EDT

oh ! now i don't have to put Mgs on my mage anymore. sweet!

Little Anthony July 23 2008 7:25 PM EDT

if this is intended to happen, then i guess it is totally okie to destroy your own score?

QBsutekh137 July 23 2008 7:33 PM EDT

Ranger, everyone else's score equilibrates rather quickly (we're playing away from edge effects...) What is this "play hard to get a nice score" nonsense?

We're all "playing hard" (what a horrible phrase! We're _playing_). Additionally, you yourself have said score is meaningless (a point I have made myself and wholeheartedly agree with).

The score has synced with training MPR ever since Jonathan tweaked the scoring system. Anyway, how high did you think you'd gotten before someone double-tapped you? Oh, that's right, you hate that too.

A non-trivial amount of worry and commentary for something you yourself have admitted is worthless and trivial, isn't it?

Sacredpeanut July 23 2008 7:35 PM EDT

Certainly a good way to prevent being farmed.. if you're going away for a couple of days, learn/unlearn a base fireball a few times, no-one will farm you while you're away when they see the pitiful rewards they get. You might also pick up a-lot of free experience from people lower down trying to add you to their fight list, in-fact artificially lowering the scores of any farm characters you have is probably a great way to get a few extra wins and some free cash.

As someone that un-trains/retrains a-lot I absolutely hate this "feature" and don't see the point of it. You already get penalized for untraining/retraining, why add another penalty? If it has to stay then I think the penalty should at least be proportional to the amount of experience untrained

Little Anthony July 23 2008 7:41 PM EDT

i just untrained like 20 times, and my score seemed to stop dropping. I think there is a limit to how much it drops.

QBRanger July 23 2008 7:42 PM EDT

Certainly Sut,

However it is nice to see some accomplishment.

You should be able to comprehend that.

Score is worthless due to the fact one can be double tapped and lose millions in 1 hit, while weakened.

I would like to see score mean something. That is not be lost due to double tapping or by untraining.

And this play hard to get good score is not nonsense. Everyone does, as you state. But is it not nice to see a high score?

But thanks for the insightful commentary into a thread based upon a fact. Nice way to divert it from the post I made into what I perceive as a nice attack. Well done!!

QBPixel Sage July 23 2008 7:46 PM EDT

@Sacredpeanut: Interesting... I'm actually going away next week.

*goes to plot some evil*

QBRanger July 23 2008 8:02 PM EDT

And while I do state score is meaningless, that in no way implies I do not like seeing a high score on Koy.

it is meaningless since there is no rhyme or reason to it. it is too easily manipulated. A double or triple tap and drain millions of score. And now untraining a base spell can lower it by millions as well.

So while I state score means nothing, I am stated for gameplay sake.

Hopefully that clears any confusion you must have trying to read my mind.

TheHatchetman July 23 2008 9:09 PM EDT

I started reading your mind... Got lost and gave up before I even got past the prologue >.<

QBsutekh137 July 23 2008 9:46 PM EDT

Whatever, man.

Apparently the issue is beyond my comprehension, anyway... And you know what? That's OK. This is a game, after all.

If I don't get exactly how much score means to some other folks (including you), or if I can't surmise the bits and gristle of some personalities out there... Well, my bad, I suppose. But as long as I didn't hurt anyone in the process, it's all good. (For the record, I have not been hurt in any way either, I am just making clear my litmus on what is "ok" and "not ok", in my opinion, of course).

I don't care what you think, Ranger. I'm just calling out (in)consistencies. (In)Consistencies it took you two posts to (ostensibly) respond to when called out about them.

I just hope you have fun playing the game, and are a happy man. But if the score on a game created by a wonderful man from Utah are what decides that happiness, then may The Good Lord Jesus Christ Himself help you.

Believe me, I've been there.


QBsutekh137 July 23 2008 9:48 PM EDT

LA, it drops to some fraction of your MPR, not sure what. Half, maybe? There is definitely a hard limit, Jonathan isn't a moron. *smile*

QBRanger July 24 2008 12:56 AM EDT

Peace out.

But thanks to all who actually answered my question!!!
I perhaps hope the losing score when untraining is removed.

The double taps are tough enough to live with.

Wizard'sFirstRule July 24 2008 8:16 AM EDT

I think in Jon's mind (and I don't have hatchet's telekniesis ability to be certain), score is not really a stat of achievement, your MPR in the long run does that. It is only a way of determining rewards for people farming you.
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