Win $500,000! Need name for SL Island (in Contests)

QBPixel Sage August 13 2008 2:17 PM EDT

Hey all. I'm buying a full island on Second Life. It's going to be Japanese/oriental themed. I need a name for it. Something cool, catchy, easy to remember. I did some random brainstorming.


Doesn't necessarily have to be along those lines. Anyways, post all your ideas. I need a name, quick!

Rules for naming:
Must be more than 3, but less than 25 characters (spaces count)
Must contain three words or less
Must use only alphanumeric characters (no punctuation)
Must not be the name of a real life city (however, "New York Island" or "Los Angeles City" are fine)

Admindudemus [jabberwocky] August 13 2008 2:22 PM EDT


j'bob August 13 2008 2:26 PM EDT

Garden of Life
Earth Eden

AdminQBGentlemanLoser [{END}] August 13 2008 2:27 PM EDT

Fung Shui
Ying Yang
Jade Palace
Jade Garden
Forbidden Kingdom
Harmonious 'anything'

00 August 13 2008 2:31 PM EDT


BeAsT-MoDe August 13 2008 2:32 PM EDT

Gangsta paradise
Holy Heavens
The Dragon Lord
Land of Knighthood

Tylan August 13 2008 2:41 PM EDT


AdminQBnovice [Cult of the Valaraukar] August 13 2008 2:42 PM EDT

Dragon's Nest

Floating River Fortress (can't find the name of one of them yet)


Shibaozhai (

Warbringer August 13 2008 2:48 PM EDT

Istari Island
Noldorin Coast

QBPixel Sage August 13 2008 2:50 PM EDT

I'm nearly decided. Keep the ideas rolling.

Warbringer August 13 2008 2:51 PM EDT

Isle of Balrog Flame

QBPixel Sage August 13 2008 2:51 PM EDT

I bought an island in SL, not CB.


Warbringer August 13 2008 2:52 PM EDT

I couldn't think of anything, so I searched through the wiki, but I think Sal's is the best.

VivaPinata August 13 2008 2:53 PM EDT

Isle On the Jade Sea
Ode to the Sun
Cherry Blossom Paradise

VivaPinata August 13 2008 2:54 PM EDT

LOL @ Warbringer.

QBPixel Sage August 13 2008 2:56 PM EDT

I was close to choosing something close to what one of you mentioned, but I just got a new idea none of you mentioned, haha.

3D August 13 2008 2:58 PM EDT

I don't know what this game is or whatever, but I have some names :P
I made up some names and made them as asian as I could.

Wai Ni

Now I hope you find a good name :)
Stupid spell checker it is so annoying

VivaPinata August 13 2008 3:00 PM EDT

Opps... three words or less x_x

QBPixel Sage August 13 2008 3:01 PM EDT

I'm gonna try to decide in the next fifteen minutes. And if I decide what I like best now, you all lose =P

VivaPinata August 13 2008 3:04 PM EDT

Crimson Ascension
In the Sun
Beneath the Waves

Warbringer August 13 2008 3:07 PM EDT

Beneath the Waves sounds cool ^^^

3D August 13 2008 3:08 PM EDT

Yeah NOW I read the directions. Let me try again :P

City of Blossoms
Mara Shino Taru
Wai Ni Mah
The Sushi City

King August 13 2008 3:13 PM EDT

Divine Wind Island
Bamboo-shoot Grove
Tall Grass Plains

I suck at naming things.

tasuki [UFC] August 13 2008 3:13 PM EDT

kami no shima

(island of the gods)

Warbringer August 13 2008 3:14 PM EDT

The Tempest

QBPixel Sage August 13 2008 3:19 PM EDT

Computer (Easy) had the closest to what I like best. My final decision is Sushi Valley for the following reasons:

1) It's easy to remember
2) It's playful-ish
3) I have little sushi characters I already made that I can put to use
4) It's descriptive of the island

Easy to remember is one of the key things, so people won't forget about it. Since I came up with this from some help outside of CB, none of you win. However, I'll send out a small prize to those who participated. Thanks!

QBPixel Sage August 13 2008 3:20 PM EDT

Oh, and I almost named it Bonsai Valley, by the way. Good job, dudemus.

Admindudemus [jabberwocky] August 13 2008 3:36 PM EDT

so close! ; )

3D August 13 2008 9:33 PM EDT

Woot for me!!

VivaPinata August 13 2008 10:19 PM EDT

ty for the $50,000...

TheHatchetman August 13 2008 10:33 PM EDT

Hatchetland! :D

What? :/

Over? :o


Jaynor August 13 2008 11:12 PM EDT

Check out my store inworld ;) Heroes Unlimited.

QBPixel Sage August 13 2008 11:25 PM EDT

Provide SLURL? =)
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