E:RoBF (in General)

Mosthula August 17 2008 3:23 PM EDT

I've been trying this strategy for a while and I can't seem to get it to work. Now that I have a MPR of around 50k I simply can't find good targets anymore. Maybe I should be trying another single or multi minion strategy but I can't think of what to try. I've also tried retraining as a single fireball and a single MM minion but I can't seem to get anything to work. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. The only nice items I have are the RoBF and AoF.

Mosthula August 17 2008 3:24 PM EDT

My RoBF is at 40k while my max tatoo level is right around 50k.

DoS August 17 2008 3:41 PM EDT

I'm pretty sure your HP is pretty weak for your err MPR :S

Mosthula August 17 2008 3:56 PM EDT

Ya, i've been experimenting around with different setups and just went back to E:RoBF. I was trying to skimp on hps and try it out and it didn't work at all. My big problem with this strategy is I really don't know whats a good ratio of training.

Admindudemus [jabberwocky] August 17 2008 3:58 PM EDT

i played around alot with the ratios during the free retrain and found that 1/3 in each, hp, amf and evasion worked best at my level. i am not sure how that ratio is for growth though.

Mosthula August 17 2008 4:01 PM EDT

I'll try setting the ratios equally and see how it goes. Guess I'll doa reset and train them from scratch.

Also what kind of targets should I be looking for?

Admindudemus [jabberwocky] August 17 2008 4:04 PM EDT

i am not real sure at your level, at mine i avoid decay and shocking grasp or electric familiars.

Mosthula August 17 2008 4:11 PM EDT

Actually seems to be working with your settings. I was able to quickly build a favorites list of people that have a Higher PR than I and start training on them. Thanks a ton. As I start to learn the game better things will start making more sense but right now I'm generally confused. ROFL.

Great game though.

Admindudemus [jabberwocky] August 17 2008 4:34 PM EDT

no problem, you can cm me anytime you would like as well.

Brakke Bres [Ow man] August 17 2008 6:06 PM EDT

Mosthula, please record your findings in the wiki page: http://www.carnageblender.com/wiki/E:RoBF , so we can update and better these strat pages.

Thanks :)

Mosthula August 17 2008 9:01 PM EDT

Ok, I feel nervous about reporting on findings when I'm so new to the game and have so little understanding of truly what is going on. After I have some solid info and understanding I will gladly help update the E:RoBF page.

winner winner August 17 2008 9:04 PM EDT

100% evasion works for the E:RoBF, just fight tank teams and you'll do fine.

Mosthula August 17 2008 9:31 PM EDT

Do you mean putting all my exp into evasion Serialkiller? If so how many hps do you go with?

Cube August 17 2008 10:10 PM EDT

You'd have no HP, but then you couldn't fight anyone with even an extremely small Direct Damage spell.

Mosthula August 17 2008 11:32 PM EDT

That's why i'm trying to figure out what he means by 100% evasion.

Tyriel [123456789] August 17 2008 11:55 PM EDT

He means 100% Evasion. He's suggesting foregoing trying to beat mages altogether, focusing all of your experience in defeating tanks. In doing this, you'll be able to fight tanks (especially archers) that are a lot bigger, which will give you great rewards.

The downsides are that it'll be practically impossible to be in a clan, and you'll probably end up dragging down the scores of your targets over time (small mages attack you, you lose a lot of score, you attack your targets, dragging their scores down and reducing your challenge bonus).

Trying to beat mages as a single minion RoBF character is basically a losing battle. You'll encounter problems with SG, NSC, SFBM, even other RoBFs.

Single minion RoBF isn't exactly the 'overpowered' strategy it was a couple months ago.

Mosthula August 18 2008 12:03 AM EDT

Thanks Tyriel. That helps to explain things better.

Sickone August 18 2008 7:32 AM EDT

RoBF was changed recently from "absorb fixed amount of magic damage depending on RoBF level" to "absorb percentage of magic damage depending on RoBF level".
This has severely decreased the anti-magic effect of the RoBF, making PREVIOUS "no hitpoints" strategies a lot less or downright completely ineffective.
Not only that, but with the obligation now to spend a good chunk of XP into HP (XP dillution, makes evasion less powerful at same level) and with overall much more magic damage actually coming through, this means the previous overpowered "anti-everything" strategy has turned into (at best) a quite normal "anti-tank" strategy.

winner winner August 18 2008 7:37 AM EDT

When I had a 100% evasion RoBF strat, it was easy to be in a clan. I had around 2k positive net points everyday.

Dark Dreky August 18 2008 9:40 AM EDT

"When I had a 100% evasion RoBF strat, it was easy to be in a clan. I had around 2k positive net points everyday."

I must, respectfully, disagree with this statement.

I am currently running a heavy evasion RoBF single-minion team and with the recent influx of SFBM's I am getting farmed for about 2-2.5k CP's daily. Unless you're totaling 4k+ CP's a day, it is quite tough to net a good amount of CP's.

Having said that, I feel that a 1:3:1 ratio (HP:evasion:AMF) works best for climbing the ranks.

winner winner August 18 2008 9:47 AM EDT

it's not hard to get over 4k points a day if you buy all your BA.

Cube August 18 2008 1:24 PM EDT

It's hard to buy all your BA if you are an NCB.

winner winner August 18 2008 6:57 PM EDT

well, I wasn't a NCB then.

Mosthula August 18 2008 9:05 PM EDT

Sorry for such a noob question but what is NCB?

Strategy is working well for me against tank opponents. I'm slowly building a list of opponents with a challenge bonus greater than 40%. Stats atm are approx 40k HP, 75k Evasion and 40k AMF. I was about even with those three but have been increasing the evasion only for a bit.

Warbringer August 18 2008 10:32 PM EDT

NCB=new character bonus, you have a NUB, a new user bonus, which is better.

Mosthula August 18 2008 11:27 PM EDT

Ahh thanks.
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