Could use some help. (in General)

Kefeck [Demonic Serenity] August 18 2008 1:15 AM EDT

Hey. I am back from about a year off. I am getting a laptop on about wensday I would say. anyway i am looking to start a NCB and make a serious run for the top. What would be a good setup. I have no idea since I have been gone for so long.

DoS August 18 2008 1:40 AM EDT

Most people sport a SFBM (single fireball mage), it's very boring but it is cheap. It is hard to run with a tank because most mage teams have evasion and some amulet thats name escapes my mind.

Good luck! :D

FuriousHobo August 18 2008 2:01 AM EDT

you've got to take on my strat. :) not very expensive.
another is Slayer's strat. :)

I am not sure if it'll take ME to the top but it's going pretty well for me. no cost for minions too. equal amount of exp.

Brakke Bres [Ow man] August 18 2008 5:56 AM EDT

I suggest a 2 minion team with a familiar junctioned. Not very expensive and a good way to get a powerful 2 minion team.

Mikel August 18 2008 7:46 AM EDT

I would use a strat that will allow you to use a RoE all the time.
Anything else, and you'll be disappointed in how far you get.

superior me August 18 2008 9:49 AM EDT

anything with evasion and you'll do fine its OP to the max train it at 1/3 of your exp on a single minion and you can farm tanks no worries haha

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