Briggs85 chat log (in Public Record)

DrAcO5676 [The Knighthood III] September 2 2008 8:57 AM EDT

Chat log for chat... this guy Briggs85 was warned more than once about chat violations but he failed to listen... had to wait for pit to log on to kick him... there was more but my chat dropped PM and refreshed before I got a chance to save any of it...

Users in room 'carnage':
<briggs85> To Pwn?
<Serialkiller> depends
<lostling> ok
<lostling> i can tell you what NOT to learn :)
<briggs85> i got like
<lostling> you should NOT learn giant strength
<IndependenZ> On Meruhow, don't use both a direct damage spell like Magic Missile -and- a melee weapon like an awl-pike together
<briggs85> OMG
<briggs85> HOWD YOU SEE THAT
<briggs85> :O!!
<Serialkiller> briggs, don't use EC and GS on your tank
<briggs85> lol wdf
<briggs85> lost me
<briggs85> :D
<IndependenZ> You can inspect every char out there :P
<briggs85> ok so do what...
<briggs85> took off the awl thing off the mage guy
<briggs85> nao i dew..
<Serialkiller> unlearn EC and GS?
<briggs85> english plawks
<IndependenZ> On Meruhow, unequip the awl-pike, unlearn Dexterity and pump the XP into HP and MM
<briggs85> :D
<IndependenZ> Ethereal Chains and Giant Strength, he means
<briggs85> ok
<briggs85> did that
<briggs85> i gtg school in like 30 minutes
<briggs85> :D
<briggs85> i got like 1500 xp from those skill
<briggs85> on rora
<Serialkiller> school starts tomorrow thoug
<briggs85> AMERICA
<briggs85> lol
<briggs85> im in illinois
<briggs85> been in school
<briggs85> for like
<briggs85> a month
<Serialkiller> ...
<IndependenZ> I started yesterday
<DoS> I started 3 weeks ago~
<Serialkiller> tomorrow :)
<IndependenZ> But that was the only day I had to go this week
<briggs85> like <Edited>
<briggs85> now im DRAWing and losing
<briggs85> fix my stuffs plawks
<briggs85> :D
<IndependenZ> Briggs, CB has a PG policy, please refrain from swearing and using abbreviations like that
<briggs85> huh
<briggs85> pg cb?
<briggs85> :O?
<Rootski> parental Control
<briggs85> ohh
<briggs85> wait
<briggs85> why?
<IndependenZ> Carnageblender, Parental Guidance
<briggs85> its called CARNAGE BLENDER
<Serialkiller> lol
<Rootski> same
<briggs85> why would lil kids play it
<Rootski> lol
<Serialkiller> it's a PG game though
<briggs85> its BULL OGNA
<briggs85> BOLLONGA*
<IndependenZ> The owner / maker doesn't like it, so the operators are enforcing that rule
<briggs85> operators
<briggs85> ehos
<briggs85> whos
<briggs85> weres
<briggs85> them
<briggs85> be at
<briggs85> lol
<Serialkiller> don't spam
<briggs85> im not
<briggs85> i just
<IndependenZ> They're allowed to kick you from the room for breaking the PG rules, along with spamming and other stuff
<briggs85> dont like to talk in big sentences like this
<briggs85> i
<briggs85> err
<IndependenZ> I'm not an op though
<briggs85> i bore myself talking in big long sentences like this so i just go like short wors
<briggs85> words
<briggs85> i dont type for mroe than 3 seconds
<briggs85> more
<briggs85> :D
<briggs85> herrrou?
<IndependenZ> Hmmm?
<briggs85> is my stuff good ?
<briggs85> :D
<briggs85> ferra nib
<Serialkiller> lol, what's ferra nib?
<[Back]Borgin> for a noob?
<briggs85> Oh, Sorry i talk like a Retard, Here For A NUB lol
<Serialkiller> lol
<lostling> lol
<briggs85> woao
<briggs85> 6 months
<briggs85> of NUB bonus
<lostling> yep
<lostling> which is a good thing
<briggs85> what is BA?
<Pizzaman> stuff you fight with
<lostling> battle allocation
<briggs85> Woao
<IndependenZ> Every one of those allows you to fight 1 time
<briggs85> so what happens
<briggs85> if i run out
<briggs85> :O?!
<Rootski> it will explode
<IndependenZ> Every 20 minutes, you get 10 more
<briggs85> lol
<briggs85> boring
<briggs85> lol
<briggs85> 20 minutes
<briggs85> for 10
<IndependenZ> And, you can get more by pressing the "(get more)" button
<briggs85> shud be liek
<Serialkiller> lol, on WG everyone in the top 10 is KOR or CB
<briggs85> 1k of em
<Rootski> i thought if BA is free for NUB
<briggs85> ebery 5 secunds
<Pizzaman> it is
<lostling> only buying is free
<Rootski> i thought BA is free for NUB*
<lostling> it still takes time to regen though
<Pizzaman> it is
<Pizzaman> when you press get more, for the nub you don't have to buy
<IndependenZ> 10 per 20 minutes, later on in the game the number goes down to 6 BA per 20 minutes
<Pizzaman> but you still have to "buy" it
<briggs85> wow
<briggs85> i bought 240 of them
<briggs85> now i can buy more
<briggs85> cant
<briggs85> D:!?
<Pizzaman> there is a limit to how much you can buy
<Pizzaman> each day
<briggs85> ORLY?!
<briggs85> how much
<Pizzaman> RLY
<IndependenZ> 240
<briggs85> ORLY?
<Pizzaman> rly
<briggs85> well i got liek
<IndependenZ> That amount also goes down, once you rank up
<briggs85> 450
<briggs85> of em
<briggs85> im still confused
<Pizzaman> just check the help section in the top left corner
<briggs85> this is like
<Pizzaman> well use em up
<Rootski> right it down
<briggs85> runescape and wow and liek hobowars put together
<briggs85> in
<briggs85> like
<briggs85> word format
<lostling> lol hobos....
<Rootski> yes copy/pase
<lostling> memories =x
<briggs85> HOBOWARS!
<briggs85> FTW!
<briggs85> naw
<briggs85> that game takes time
<Rootski> HOMOWARS
<briggs85> :O!!!
<briggs85> OMG
<briggs85> LIEK
<briggs85> waait
<briggs85> <Edited> is what the freak
<briggs85> :P
<briggs85> fer kiddies
<Serialkiller> PG!
<Rootski> its What A Fork
<DrAcO5676> Hey PG NOW!
<briggs85> huh
<lostling> hey draco
<Serialkiller> awww, where's Frodbot?
<briggs85> WE ARE PG
<DrAcO5676> you are not you noob
<briggs85> well
<briggs85> thats some way
<Serialkiller> anyone have a CG I can borrow?
<briggs85> to treat noobs
<IndependenZ> Colonel Custard is selling one
<briggs85> you just OFFENDED ME
<DrAcO5676> learn to speak PG or get kicked!
<briggs85> WE ARE
<briggs85> what the fork...
<briggs85> man
<Serialkiller> lol, I instaed mine up
<briggs85> what the fork
<briggs85> realy?
<DrAcO5676> or get deleted for being multi
<Serialkiller> and Iidn't get mine
<Rootski> noob is not a bad word
<Serialkiller> lol
<Serialkiller> nope
<briggs85> is he bien mean like this?
<Serialkiller> what' bien?
<briggs85> just......what the fork...
<briggs85> BIEN
<[Back]Borgin> Bien. Spanish for "good".
<briggs85> BIENG
<briggs85> BIENG
<IndependenZ> Told you the ops enforce the PG rule ;)
<briggs85> who
<briggs85> lag
<Serialkiller> Being?
<briggs85> yeah
<[Back]Borgin> That isn't a word, briggs85.
<briggs85> that word
<DrAcO5676> Also learn to keep most if not all thoughts to one line... don't mistake the enter key for the spacebar
<briggs85> omg
<Rootski> authestic
<briggs85> chat lag
<Rootski> x send
<briggs85> i hate the spacebar
<briggs85> its to big...
<Serialkiller> lolllllllllllll
<briggs85> so the enter key
<briggs85> works
<briggs85> for me
<briggs85> bettar
<briggs85> :D
<[Back]Borgin> Chat spam is a kickable offense.
<DrAcO5676> Shut up dude or you wil be kicked/killed
<briggs85> omg...
<DeadManWalking> briggs your getting annoying
<briggs85> so mean to me...
<lostling> briggs please -.-
<briggs85> im gunna go cry nao..
<[Back]Borgin> There's a way to ignore people, right?
<[Back]Borgin> What's the command?
<lostling> yes /ignore
<briggs85> OMG
<DrAcO5676> yes its /ignore briggs85
<DeadManWalking> yeah
<briggs85> i got ignored
<briggs85> rofl
<briggs85> dead man
<briggs85> and
<Serialkiller> haha
<[Back]Borgin> Thanks guys.
<briggs85> borgin
<Rootski> quick ill hold cut his fingers off now!!!
<DrAcO5676> its also /kick briggs85
<[Back]Borgin> That's much quieter.
<Rootski> quick ill hold him cut his fingers off now!!!*
<briggs85> ok guys
<briggs85> fine
<briggs85> be like that
<briggs85> took it to the extreme
<briggs85> if i get kicked from chat,..... do i get logged off to?!
<Serialkiller> nope
<Serialkiller> don't think so
<briggs85> so ...
<lostling> nope
<DrAcO5676> you can also get banned from chat for the rest of the time you are here
<briggs85> Ahem...
<briggs85> nvm
<briggs85> lol
<Serialkiller> briggs, try and fight people you can beat
<DeadManWalking> /ignore theworld
<DeadManWalking> /ignore mymoneyproblems
<DeadManWalking> it's not working damn it
<Serialkiller> CB was down :(
<briggs85> well
<briggs85> i gotta goto school
<DeadManWalking> was it? was it really?
<briggs85> a few of you were kool
<DrAcO5676> good thing too
<briggs85> a few erent...
<briggs85> werent*
<briggs85> not tell names
<briggs85> you know who you are
<briggs85> :P
<DrAcO5676> and your a spammer that needs to hold your tongue
<briggs85> wow
<briggs85> im this close
<briggs85> to
<briggs85> just
<briggs85> wow
<DrAcO5676> then do it!
<briggs85> fine
<briggs85> GUYS
<briggs85> close your ears
<briggs85> :D
<Rootski> <DrAcO5676> and your a spammer that needs to hold your tongue==>i think you mean fingers
<DrAcO5676> true that Rootski
<briggs85> hey rootski
<briggs85> ima go off
<briggs85> on him
<briggs85> :D
<briggs85> peace
<briggs85> everyone
<briggs85> draco
<briggs85> your a <edit> <edit> who needs to treat nubs nicer
<briggs85> alright
<briggs85> <edit>
<briggs85> damn
<Serialkiller> PG!
<DrAcO5676> good job now your account will be deleted
<briggs85> treatin people like <edit>
<briggs85> like i give a ,edit>
<briggs85> <edit> i played this 20 minutes
<briggs85> gettin insulted
<briggs85> <edit> you
<briggs85> draco
<briggs85> <edit> YOU
<briggs85> damn
<lostling> errm
<DrAcO5676> You were getting told the rules but you won't listen
<briggs85> i knew the rules
<briggs85> i thought i was with chill
<briggs85> people
<briggs85> and i was
<briggs85> til lyou
<DrAcO5676> so you do not deserve to play this wonderful game with the wonderful community that you were never get to meet
<briggs85> wow rofl
<Rootski> chat fight lol
<briggs85> get off that high horse <edit>
<briggs85> what are you?
<briggs85> a mod?
<briggs85> doubt it
<briggs85> id be banned by now
<SundariZelia> why don't you leave now
<briggs85> why should i
<briggs85> i got bout
<briggs85> 5 minutes
<briggs85> till bus
<briggs85> then you never see me again
<briggs85> you'll
<DrAcO5676> and about 15 years till you hit puberty
<briggs85> ROFL
<briggs85> im 14
<briggs85> <edit>
<Rootski> lol
<briggs85> been there
<briggs85> done that
<briggs85> what are
<briggs85> you
<Serialkiller> woohoo Im 14
<briggs85> 30?
<briggs85> anyway
<DeadManWalking> are there no ops on?
<briggs85> draco
<SundariZelia> then 15 years till you grow up, if even then
<briggs85> pull the stick out your <edit>
<Rootski> <briggs85> then you never see me again==>lol at you
<briggs85> lol omg
<briggs85> you know what i mean
<briggs85> youl never..
<briggs85> see my typing
<briggs85> er
<briggs85> see what i type
<briggs85> again
<briggs85> ok?
<briggs85> better?
<DrAcO5676> good thing too
<DeadManWalking> leave NOW
<briggs85> MAKE ME
<briggs85> ROFL
<DoS> nao!
<Windwalker> someone please kick
<briggs85> oh, thats right
<briggs85> omg
<briggs85> wow
<SundariZelia> draco is a cool guy and a good member of this community, leave him alone
<briggs85> he WAS a kool guy
<lostling> he is
<briggs85> till he went off a noob who likes to type
<briggs85> HELLO
<Windwalker> is
<briggs85> lol
<briggs85> rofl
<briggs85> first empression's
<briggs85> all im going off
<DrAcO5676> thanks for the back up guys but it does not matter
<briggs85> nope
<briggs85> cause i bet all i am to you
<lostling> and please dont spam.... you gotta realise that people dont like to see everything flashing by
<briggs85> Yeah
<briggs85> lol
<briggs85> wait
<briggs85> why do they care..
<briggs85> its like
<briggs85> a 1 inch
<briggs85> box
<Windwalker> We like to see BIG Boot ;)
<lostling> because the box is small... so you cant see everything
<DrAcO5676> some folks also use a full screen chat
<DoS> It can expand.
<briggs85> aha
<briggs85> it can expand
<briggs85> make it smaller
<briggs85> then <edit>
<briggs85> rofl
- server grants op status to Pit_Spawn
<DoS> ...ahahhaha this guy is a comedian
<briggs85> still not booted
<DoS> kick brigs pit
<Serialkiller> woohoo, full sceen chat!!!
<DrAcO5676> Pit kick kill Briggs85
<DrAcO5676> He has been warned
<DrAcO5676> ohh and btw Sun... thanks ^_^
<Serialkiller> he's gone

DrAcO5676 [The Knighthood III] September 2 2008 9:00 AM EDT

Also I would have sent private CM's to bart or G_Beee but I get a server error each time I tried to go to their home page and send it to their home page chatmails... everyone tried to be nice to him first but he kept breaking chat rules... but unfortunately there was no chat op available...

Hakai [Aye Phelta Thi] September 2 2008 9:49 AM EDT

Well, Sundari got fed up enough with it that she took care of it and got Pit. Pit then /killed him. (Go Pitty :D)

Problem solved for now. ^_^

Brakke Bres [Ow man] September 2 2008 9:53 AM EDT

do we need more active chat ops?

DoS September 2 2008 9:56 AM EDT

Well, Sundari got fed up enough with it that she took care of it and got Pit. Pit then /killed him. (Go Pitty :D)
He wasn't kicked, he left.

do we need more active chat ops?
Maybe during the earlier hours of CB but other times there are always multiple on... well usually.

Hakai [Aye Phelta Thi] September 2 2008 9:59 AM EDT

There's usually one on most of the time. I'm here a lot, Loch is constantly lurking, OB is always hanging around... Then there's a bunch others.

But that happened during the "dead time" of CB. When you're lucky to normally have 3 people talking at all. It was an unusual circumstance. ^_^

And DoS, I'm pretty sure Pit had him /killed. You don't see a message in the new chat client for it.

BootyGod September 2 2008 10:25 AM EDT

That. Was. Epic.

Goodfish September 2 2008 11:12 AM EDT

I'm going to start pushing for a democratic /kick. If five or more players (not chat ops) in chat type the /kick command for the same user, the user is in fact kicked.

It would've saved me a headache this morning.

QBOddBird September 2 2008 11:25 AM EDT

No way GW, that was just totally insulting. The whole reason I almost left this game when I first started.

*snicker snicker*
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