TSA Hiding in Death (in General)

Picasso September 15 2008 8:24 PM EDT

This has happened a few times that I have had the battle log on to see. A HoC is equipped to The Wounded Horse who is also wearing a Hal Familiar. Sometines the Hal will fire in all 6 rounds of ranged (the extra of course from the HoC) but my main minion The Wounded Horse will not get the benefit from the HoC. Here's the battle log.

It's only the last few rounds of ranged, but both Hal and TWH fired in the first 5 rounds, but as you can see only Hal fired in the 6th.


My only thought is that this might have something to do with the fact that my junction is not totally up to 1.0 for the tat's level, however (unless I'm totally confused) Hal should suffer the junction penalty (which he does some times) not TWH.


Sacredpeanut September 15 2008 8:30 PM EDT

That is very odd, your fireball minion is not hitting Immortal in ANY round (not just the last round of ranged).

My first thought was a "hiding in death" scenario but that doesn't seem to be the case either.

Picasso September 15 2008 8:32 PM EDT

Never mind....

It's because Immortal is considered dead at this point but since he regenerates HP after when FB would fire, FB sees no alive minions and targets none. Then after when FB would fire, Immortal comes back to life and must get killed the next round....

/me jumps on the fix TSA bandwagon....

Sacredpeanut September 15 2008 8:33 PM EDT

Oh right, I didn't see Immortal absorbing damage with PL.

Picasso September 15 2008 8:34 PM EDT

But see, if FB would just fire anyway, I'd be able to bury Immortal far enough down to where he wouldn't be able to come back to life...

Admindudemus [jabberwocky] September 15 2008 9:45 PM EDT

i would ask an admin to change the title of the thread to something more recognizable as a regen or "hiding in death" issue.

Relic September 15 2008 9:49 PM EDT

I have noticed this myself, it seems to be a bug with the Hal Familiar and having a FB minion.

TheHatchetman September 15 2008 9:52 PM EDT

"The Wounded Horse takes damage from his own Fireball (167882)
The Wounded Horse's Fireball hit Hal [731085]"

I would see this as an even bigger issue, seeing as your FB targeted only one minion... that being your Halidon... Not only that, you take damage in order to do so :P

Just another observation ^_^

AdminTitan [The Sky Forge] September 15 2008 9:52 PM EDT

Yah this thing was supposed to be fixed, but it obviously wasn't. Jon said he changed this so that if only the TSA minion was alive he would be attacked again, so this needs looked at.

TheHatchetman September 15 2008 9:57 PM EDT

and while we're on the subject of hiding in death...

VA + dead minion = revived... Feature (please!)? Or bug (awww =/)?

Tylan September 15 2008 10:00 PM EDT

The reason the FB minion didn't fire after your hal killed AIG is because all attacks are considered to take place at the same time (I recall from a previous thread on these issues). I personally think it's screwy this way, cause then we end up with issues like this.

And your FB mage firing after hal kills Immortal, may be the fact he's finally finishing him off....but we could at least see some damage if that's the case.

Picasso September 15 2008 10:03 PM EDT

well, if all actions are "Considered" to take place at the same time, why don't they?

AdminQBGentlemanLoser [{END}] September 16 2008 5:36 AM EDT

OK, I don't get the last round of Ranged. The Hal shot and killed Iron Golem.

I'd expect to see the FB fire (at half damage :/....) versus Immortal, who hadn't been killed (or even damaged) that round.
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