MoD (in General)

miteke [Superheros] September 16 2008 9:10 AM EDT

The Mace of disruption looks nice. Is it worth giving up a MH slot? Has anyone tried this weapon and loved it?

Goodfish September 16 2008 9:16 AM EDT

I swear by my MoD. Considering AS has, in total, more trained EXP than HP does, you're going to do double damage most of the time.

Although in competition with MH, it's certainly hard to say which is best. I like the one-handedness of the MoD, personally...

BadFish September 16 2008 9:30 AM EDT

MoD pwns MH. End of story.
People drastically overestimate the damage and leeching ability of the Morgul-Hammer.

MonkeyMandate [Wasting Time] September 16 2008 9:37 AM EDT

i love it. being able to hit and not have PL keep a weak minion alive is a blessing. its effect against AS is just an added bonus in my eyes.

TheHatchetman September 16 2008 3:31 PM EDT

ummm MoD >>>> MH... Combine it with VA. while it is dispellable, it still works against teams with PL, there you have your tradeoff ^_^ then you ignore PL for damage purposes, then you do double damage to all of the AS floating about ^_^
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